fredag 12. april 2013

Akhnaton: "Imprint of Self" - Mary: "Lightbody of Love"

Vi synger på siste verset med hensyn til overgangen - som også betyr opplysning. Stadig vekk har vi blitt født inn på Jorda litt klokere enn forrige gang.  Nå er vi i sluttspurten.  Alle har vi komplettert vår del, og sier oss fornøyd.  Vi venter spent på - ja, hva vet vi vel ikke helt, men alle antar vi noe.  

Akhnaton:  Imprint of Self 
"Greetings dearest ones,, it is I your friend Akhnanton. Elevate your consciousness and come into the radiance of your Temple. We sense the light about us and experience it as held within our own consciousness; neither external nor internalised. We experience it simply as is - there is a point of difference. Come into perception of the Light That Is. The mind loosens its hold as your consciousness returns to its origin. The Light That Is brings into your awareness a beautiful warmth and the memory of peace held deeply within. The Light That Is becomes an embrace. So then, we elevate our consciousness and those whom are with us journey likewise. Your guides and teachers, they are ever-near, for they bring balance to your human awareness. These words are but a trigger; come into the experience. Come into the Light That Is. 

The embrace that is yours and the memory of peace and all such things that bring contentment to the human self, come to you. You stretch outward and we are in elevation and those who love and adore you in spirit find their way to you. For the Light That Is, enables their transportation. Very gently, there is a willingness within that surfaces; a desire to release and a necessity to let go. To fall into the Light That Is and the love of those who support you and more than this, to let go from the human perception all that is contrary to this deepest peace. It is a desire to relinquish and set aside the vast effort of will used to walk upon your earth, as one in human form. There are enormous energies expended in meeting life’s challenges time and again. There is the unspoken and often unrecognisable feat of will in accepting the illusion of separation. Such things does the human consciousness strive to uphold and transcend.

I confirm to you, (you in your human form), the enormity of your undertaking and how this impacts upon the human spirit and you as the human face of your soul. Although much is spoken of spiritual pathways, the unique and astonishing opportunities that physicality brings and the treasure of veiled existence, takes a strength of will, a powerful focus and the most exquisite unconditional commitment. Come into the resonance of this, for the human heart knows of these things and the Light That Is holds into itself all that is of your humanness."    forts. 

Mary: Lightbody of Love
"Greetings dearest ones, it is I Mary who journeys to each of you this day as you elevate your consciousness, as you come into the radiance of your beautiful Temple. Finding your placement, you come amongst friends. You begin to deepen. You sense the pulse of Creation. You sense the vibrancy of that which is in truth GOD’S kingdom. You come into the exhilaration of Creation in motion; of an existence outside of space and time. It is so filled with all manner of movement, blessings and a deep sense of coming into attainment. 

There is such a sense of joy for those within Creation who absolutely delight in their explorations,  knowing full well that there is a construction being formed within this universe. So then, there is a busyness of Spirit and a palpable sense of anticipation and pure delight. You are part of it and have your place. You contribute, my dearest ones, in ways so unique and so breathtaking, that all of Creation holds humanity dear to them. 

Come into your breath and come into this exhilaration. Allow the heart to quicken and the higher consciousness, that is framed in joy, to reveal itself. Let go of containment and limitation. For consciousness is buoyant and light as a feather. We become aware of the embrace of your Temple and your many guides and teachers. They come excitedly, for you are part of their equation and there is meaning to what they do, in the context of ‘you’. And more than this, there is a beautiful love which circulates amongst them and is reserved for you. So then, I say to you, come into the embrace of these ones whom guide and are the oldest of friends. "  Forts.

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