tirsdag 2. april 2013

Mini-Energy Update: Your Amplified Presence 2 April 2013

Channeler:  Meredith Murphy
Friday, 29 March, 2013  (posted 2 April, 2013) 

"The energy is VERY intense! Or shall we say, what's taking place in our bodies, is quite exceptional!

This morning my vision was all whacked and yet, when I went outside to walk my dogs I saw the fabric of reality, moving as I walked through it. Incredible!! My peripheral vision was fine, but my straight-on vision was seeing geometries of light that were elastic-ey and moving as I walked and participated. Incredible. I talked with my inner being and welcomed this expanded presence of myself showing up and encouraged it to find a harmonious way to interface with reality so my ability to read and write would return soon. :) Within about an hour and a half, it was a-okay again. But what a cool experience! 

We've entered a new time of expanded light and your presence is being amplified. That's what is happening as energy comes in, as you feel the head pressure, the clearing -- you're being amplified into more you. The higher dimensional aspects of your continuum of being are coming forth, here on Earth. Emerging THROUGH you. The Earth has ascended in vibration and we're ascending in vibration by our higher dimensional aspects being more and more embodied."   forts.

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