tirsdag 2. april 2013

Ashtar Tells of The Changes Needed On The Ground Before Disclosure

Ashtar Tells of The Changes Needed On The Ground Before Disclosure
2 April 2013  Channeler:  Kathryn E. May

"It is I, Ashtar. I have breaking news, and I have chosen this channel because I know the good people will pass it on and assure great distribution to the many readers you serve.

First, I will inform you of the state of the Disclosure plans. Barack Obama is fully aware of the growing impatience on the part of Lightworkers, and also aware of the slanderous comments about his dear Michelle being the reason for the hold-up. This is absolutely not true. He has not been dragging his feet. He has been following orders from the Council which oversees the Ascension process of Planet Earth, which we are all pledged to abide by. This process is difficult enough without having rumors flying around which insult the integrity of our Ascended Masters.

Next, let me update you on the progress. As you might have suspected, this is a multi-pronged effort, including not only the spectacular celebration of welcoming your Brother and Sisters. It is far more complex than that. It involved the complete overhaul of your financial, legal and social systems. That cannot be done without complete chaos unless the work has been done by our representatives on the ground to have the following things in place:

An alternate financial system through which everyone can access funds to continue their lives in an orderly fashion, including being able to access food and basic necessities for the interim.

Systems of distribution for food, medical care and other necessities outside the usual profiteering channels which have held poor countries and their people hostage."    forts.

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