fredag 26. april 2013

A Time To Cleanse The Emotional Body

Nye portaler åpnes for innsig av ny energi til Jorda.  Ny informasjon skal tilflyte Jorda og Jorda gjøres derfor klar for å motta dette. Mange vil merke året som forvirrende, men som med alt annet - det vil gå over. 

Abby Isadora Haydon

"I recently purchased art from the Ashtar Command brought through by Bryan de Flores. The information printed on the back of the picture states: “This cosmic information downloading matrix allows you to receive information from other planets and dimensions of time and space. This multidimensional code system transcends human linear thinking, aligning one with higher-dimensional symbol code systems of other races and cultures throughout the universe.” On January 3, 2012, the first download came through. It was about a new portal opening in Sedona.

New Portal for Angelic Beings in Sedona, Arizona

A new portal that will allow more energy from the angelic realms to come through to our world began to open after January 17, 2012. This portal has been long awaited by the angelic realms. It will allow for greater communication between the Earth plane and the spheres of angelic residence, and it will enable the cherubim and seraphim greater access your world. This will bring about a variety of experiences for those who reside on the Earth plane, such as greater guidance and connection to the angelic realms, to assist the world in greater ways. There will be several portals opening up throughout the year of 2012. The ones in Sedona will be the most obvious at the beginning. These portals will allow those on the Earth plane to see, hear, and feel the presence of the angelic realms. There will be many sightings of angels in the Sedona area and then all over the world.

There will be many tests and trials this year. It will be part of the cleansing process that needs to take place to allow the new energies to come into your system and drop anchor here on the Earth plane. Many types of situations will suddenly arise that will clear out old cobwebs. It is true that a new age of beauty and joy is coming to the planet, and there will be many ways to rejoice. But the first eight months of this year will see many challenges that will need to be overcome."

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