onsdag 10. april 2013

Quote from Laura Magdalene Eisenhower - TUESDAY, APRIL 9, 2013

"This is a quote from Laura Magdalene Eisenhower (http://cosmicgaia2012.com) that she shared on her FB page.  Bill Ballard has send this to me, which I AM grateful for ♥ as well as grateful to Laura, because these words are really resonating with me and others as we are all sometimes under "attack" from those whom love to judge. Much Love, Méline ♥

I really enjoyed being on the panel at Awake and Aware with Project Camelot on Time Travel and Other Worlds. People have their opinions about some of the speakers, some call them disinfo agents or false prophets, but at the end of the day, it is important to see the efforts, the hard work and intentions behind what every one is trying to do. It takes great Love, courage and devotion to be in this field. If some of them are these labels, we don't know what kind of controls are upon them. They need our Love and we have the right to exercise discernment.

We need to forgive, or how can we repair discord or misunderstandings. As the old paradigm crumbles - Unity needs to step in and it takes great humility, patience and acceptance of the past, to transform the old into the New Earth energies of Love & Wisdom. Some of the people on the panel have publicly discredited me and colleagues I have deep respect for - but to hold on to that and hold that person to it, blocks potential breakthroughs. 

Since Patriarchy is crumbling - missing links are emerging that have been exiled for thousands of years, that is feminine power on a Spiritual, Earthly and Cosmic level and the concept of Sacred Union. This is an Amazing time to be Alive!!!! No one is trying to make people believe in anything, it is about taking what resonates and leaving the rest. Instead of finding something to judge, we need to find something to appreciate.

Even it certain Ego's are out of control, it is usually because of a deeper deficiency or insecurity. We all have an inner child, we have all survived incredible challenges and some people don't know how to find real self worth and it can lead to Ego imbalance - so nothing better than just awakening a new way of Being and coming into more balance and all that needed to be shared on that front was expressed and also how profoundly important the inner work is.

No one once made claims of being a Messiah, a prophet or a Guru ~ we are a Unified field and for our planet to raise its frequency, perhaps the best thing we can do is to have gratitude for one another and the unique contributions we all bring to the table. There is no greater contribution than LOVE!!!!"

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