fredag 24. oktober 2014

Your awakening from the illusion, from the unreality in which you have apparently been immersed for eons is imminent! - January 20, 2014 by John Smallman

De fleste sover på sitt grønne øre fortsatt? Eller hvordan står det til med oppvåkninga? Jeg må ærlig innrømme at jeg synes dette trekker i langdrag. Nå kan vel de fleste driste seg til å endre en smule på den eldgamle tankegangen sin - eller ... ?

"There is only the ONE!  You all know that, even if many of you have trouble accessing that knowledge, that deep inner knowing. God, our Father, the Source of all that exists and in which all is contained, just IS.  And the Source is infinite, limitless, without boundaries – there is no beyond, there is only within, which has neither beginning nor end, it just IS, ALWAYS, EVERYWHERE.  It is inevitable, unavoidable, constantly supportive of all that exists in loving acceptance, never judging, just embracing and enfolding in the eternal field of LOVE.

There is absolutely nothing you need do or can do to be worthy, let alone more worthy in the sight of God.  He created you perfect and obviously you could not possibly improve on that, therefore stop reasoning, puzzling, wondering, doubting, and generally trying to make yourselves acceptable to God, because He created you like unto Himself, infinitely and eternally acceptable.  All that He creates is like unto Himself because all is within Him.  Just open your hearts to receive the abundance of Love in which you are at all times enveloped and release the doubts, worries, and anxieties that you allow to plague you, and then, once more, know that you are eternally divinely loved and cared for."   forts.

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