fredag 28. september 2012

You are dearly loved! LAND BRIDGE

You are dearly loved!


   In the old energy spirit appeared before you, and with words such as you are hearing and reading now, gave advice and told you which way to turn... told you what was coming, and told you what to do. And you obeyed your leaders who heard these voices, for this was the way of it. For without the ability to carry your full essence, you were in the dark... moving through lesson, slowly fulfilling karma, but still as the human "pieces of God" of whom I have spoken many times. Let us set the record straight: when Moses knelt before Spirit, he did not kneel before a burning bush or tree; he knelt before the messenger of Spirit. In past channelings and writings I have told you how this appears, for we are entities approximately the size of one of your homes... spinning with magnificent colors, many of them iridescent. This was what Moses saw as the burning bush he described. How else could he have perceived Spirit? But he did indeed hear words, as you are hearing and reading now in full human language of the time - words in the air, heard with human ears - and it was indeed sacred. Moses removed his shoes, much as you have done here this night for similar reasons. 

  And when Moses went back and fulfilled his instructions, something else occurred that you should know of, for it is time you knew of this to set the record straight. When Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt, as he was told to do by Spirit, he led them across the Red Sea (which was then known as the "Reed Sea"). And if you had been there, you would have seen the high cliffs on each side of this body of water... not a sea you could have waded into easily. Moses then looked for a well-known landmark, a land bridge that spanned this sea, and the Israelites went across it freely and willingly. It was this land bridge that collapsed under the weight of Pharoah's troops and machines, drowning and burying them in the waters. I tell you these things now for credibility reasons, so that you can measure the reality of my words - for this is the way it was. In the next Earth decade you will be allowed to discover the remains of the land bridge for yourselves. It is there for your observation... and you will remember my words as spoken at this communication.
~ Kryon, Book II as channelled by Lee Carroll ~ 

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