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Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 9/18/12 ‘The New Celebrity’ - As channeled through Greg Giles

Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 9/18/12 ‘The New Celebrity’  -  As channeled through Greg Giles

"Balancing between your old ways and your old world and your new ways and your new world are many of Earth’s children at this time. You have been teetering, if you will, between these two differing realities for quite a long period of time now, for the changes that are now rapidly becoming a part of your new reality have actually been happening for quite a long time now and these changes are not just without you, but they have been happening within you.  As part of these changes, part of you has had to change along with them. This has been part of the program, if you will, for you as well as your new world, for you must change and adapt as well to your now ever-changing world around you. These two aspects of your reality, your world and you, must experience metamorphosis together. One cannot change without the other changing, thus a mismatch would occur. Both have to change and both have to raise their frequencies to a much higher level, so what has been happening is you have been changing as well as your world has been changing.  These changes go hand-in-hand and there cannot be any other way.

There are many of you leading the way in regards to these changes and there are others of you who are, let us say, slowing the process down a bit, even some of you at times quite considerably. This presents a bit of a problem for your Earth, your planet, as she wishes to change. She wishes to experience metamorphosis like a caterpillar to the butterfly and she wishes to spread her wings and fly into the higher realms of her universe where she rightfully belongs and always has. There are those of you, her own children, who are holding her back in several different ways and it is these ways that we wish to have a little chat today about.

What we are talking about here is habits, tendencies and ways that some of you have been living your lives, not just through this present incarnation, but through many previous and successive incarnations as well. It is imperative that you shed these lower dimensional aspects of yourselves. There are not too many more tomorrows to do this kind of work. So what are these changes? Well, we will say that many of these changes have to do with your habit of illicit drug use. There is no poetic way to say this sentence. There is no way to soften it, to soften the blow or desensitize it or to make it pretty. There is just one way to say this; many of you are what you call hooked on drugs. This is a shame, but this is actually more than a shame and we shall explain why.

Many of you are here for very specific reasons. There are those of you here to purposely get hooked on these substances and it has been your task to get unhooked. There, we said it, and it's pretty straightforward, is it not? There are many of you whose pre-incarnate blueprints called for you to experiment with certain of these substances, get hooked on them, and then find a suitable means to break these habits. This may seem quite strange to you or odd or even unfair, but you have to understand there is a reason for this. What could possibly be this reason? Well, we would say that for at least a number of you this reason has to do with previous lifetimes that you have lived here and perhaps even on other planets. Yes, these habits and tendencies of yours have gone back well past this current incarnation. You have battled substance abuse for more than this lifetime."   forts.

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