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Marshmallon Message

You are dearly loved!
As our understanding changes, we relate to new directions
   In the early 60s, there were a group of people who were very strange indeed (according to the scientists). These people were proponents of a theory that was laughable! They observed the mapping of the continents on earth (from 60s satellite photos) and put forward the idea that all of today's continents were once part of one land mass, and that somehow the big mass had broken up and "drifted" apart. "Just look at the outlines" one of them would say.  "They fit each other like a puzzle!"

   Again scientists winked at each other and walked the other way, knowing that continents don't drift. They did this instead of giving some credibility to a strong correlation of observable evidence that suggested something like this could actually have happened. The continental drift group were not believed, since to the scientists of that day there was no observable mechanics that could even begin to explain such a thing. Therefore it was nonsense. Again we see how biased our modern science community is to anything for which it doesn't have a proven mechanism.

  Thanks to men like Dr. Robert Ballard, the mechanics of plate tectonics were discovered deep under the ocean, and the theory of continental drift became scientific fact almost overnight.

   I give you this story to show you that in our modern times there is evidence of the same flawed thinking in a non-metaphysical venue in my lifetime. I guess you don't have to believe in pyramid power to be shunned by the scientists after all!

   My contention is that much of today's paranormal is tomorrow's fact. I'm just disappointed that very intelligent men and women won't consider this seriously, and try to sort out the facts from the ridiculous..
~ Kryon, Book Three - as channelled by Lee Carroll ~

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