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Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 9/15/12 ‘Exit Stage Left’ - As channeled through Greg Giles

Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 9/15/12 ‘Exit Stage Left’ - As channeled through Greg Giles

"Zeroing in on just what it is you have desired for yourselves are those who have taken the initiative, who have gone the extra mile, who have persevered when others quit, faltered or allowed themselves to become distracted in a world full of distraction, complication and obstacles, all that have been placed in your path by you yourselves, for it is you who wished for these challenges to be issued to you to test your strength and to build upon your character and your consciousness, for you felt these things were very important to you on your journey. You felt you wanted and needed to be pushed to your limits. You felt that this was the best and surest way to get everything out of your opportunity of incarnation into a physical body living in a physical world living amongst others who are also here for many similar reasons and they too would be facing mountains of challenges and obstacles and their own personal distractions.

Yes, this is your world, the world that you all have created for yourselves, a world that is sometimes perplexing and sometimes confusing and all the times complicated and problematic with barely any solutions that were in reach, for this is how you wanted it, for what good would it have done if there were so many solutions to all of your problems and challenges readily available? We ask you this. We ask you; if there were not another team here, another contingency plotting and scheming and conspiring and acting against you, where then would these challenges come from? This is what we ask you today, for we wish you to take another look at who your adversaries are, for we wish you to understand them and their motivations better.

There is something that is making them tick, is it not? Something is making them tick inside and it is ticking loud and it is ticking clear. Something is motivating them, driving them to do what it is they do. What is it that could be motivating them so much, so much where they have also sacrificed so much for their beliefs, for their agenda, for their evil plot of destruction and their quest for more money, power and control? They stop at nothing, have you noticed that? They let not even the fear of inevitable arrest, trial and sentencing for their crimes slow them or stop them from continuing to scheme and plot and even act against you, the people of Earth. What possibly could lie inside a being to push them so hard like this, towards such an agenda as dark and as evil and as destructive as theirs?

We are interested to hear what you think about this today. This is your assignment, your homework, if you will, and if you would be so kind we would love you to leave your comments beneath our message and talk amongst yourselves and discuss what it is that they possess inside that perhaps you do not or perhaps you do. We will not give you any more hints about this, for we wish for your ideas, not ours. We will, as we always do, read and study your comments beneath our message today and say to you to always remember there are no wrong answers when you are all working together and doing your best to share your honest and sincerest feelings while honoring the opinions and views of all others. That is the key, for as long as you are leaving your comments in a manner that is polite, that is respectful, that is not demeaning or insulting or sarcastic to another then we welcome all of your comments, even the ones that disagree, even rather strongly, with us, our organization and our mission here in service to others." forts.

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