lørdag 15. august 2015

De er våre egne sider

John Smallman sier et sted i denne kanaliseringa - om de andre rundt oss, "... de er bare alternative sider av dere selv."   Tenk om alle kunne forstått dette i full fart?  Da ville også verden blitt forandret like fort!

"The enormous and vital changes in attitudes and behaviors occurring across the world are leading all very positively into a never previously seen awareness of how each one of you affects everyone else. This is a giant step forward for humanity, bigger than any previous increase in your awareness, and the first of many to come. This is a time in which to be proud of the progress you have made, in the certain knowledge that it heralds the beginning of something truly wonderful that has been in preparation for eons, and that is now starting to bear rich fruit. Look around, see the changes that are happening everywhere that will bring great benefits to all, and know that you are divinely loved and taken care of in every moment when you choose to see and accept what your Father offers you constantly: Love, the creative energy of existence in infinite abundance. All that He has He provides you with, ceaselessly. Reach out, take hold of It, and create with Him and through Him the infinite, spontaneous joy that He wants you to experience and revel in eternally. You know you can do this with Him!"

"Your progress heralds the beginning of something truly wonderful."
22 January 2012   Channeler:  John Smallman

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