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Wise ones within - Messages from the Angels - Posted by Ann Albers

There is within each of you a very powerful light, a light that is the light and the love of God. There is within you as well, a great and vast reservoir of wisdom, of all knowledge you need to connect with in order to live your life in joy, grace, and ease no matter what the outer circumstances. There is within you a healer, a part of yourself that knows you, the real you, is already whole and that you must only eliminate misunderstandings and learn to love the parts of yourself that feel unloved in order to create a greater degree of healing. Dear ones the entire universe exists within you if you go deep enough.

So when something in your life is not working the way you wish, assume that the power, the answers, the resources that you need are all available inside of your very own soul. Take a breath, quiet your mind. Go within, and simply say, "Who within can help me?" Allow your imagination to bring forth a picture or a feeling of the wise person within, the healer within, or perhaps the unloved part of you within that wants attention. Allow yourself to connect with an image or a feeling of the parts of you that can help solve the problem. For whether conscious or unconscious, you have energies inside of your soul that can take a shape, a form, a feeling in your imagination and speak back to you - giving you advice, wisdom, or even assistance. These are parts of your very own soul. They are the "angels" within you so to speak, the parts of God's love planted as seeds within your being, before you were even born!

Try it now. Think of an area in your life where you need assistance. Intend that you will only receive help from the wisest and most loving parts of your soul. Take a few deep breaths. Quiet your mind. And then using your imagination say to yourself, "Who within can help me?" Allow an image or a feeling to come to mind. Ask this image or imagine asking this feeling, "What advice can you give me?" "How can you help me?" or in some cases, "What do you need from me?" If the answer resonates with you, trust. Try it. See what comes of this. 

There is so much more to each of you than meets the eye, and by using techniques such as these, you can bypass the parts of your logical mind that limit what you know and enter into the vast reservoirs of wisdom planted deep in your very own being.

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