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We at PAO agree with you and also wish that things would happen right now!

Please understand, although Sheldan has a direct link to the Galactics, he is just a messenger. He does not offer his opinions but simply relays the information exactly as given to him by the Galactic Federation and Ascended Masters.

He is just as keen as you are to get-on-with-it.

So what is the main purpose of the weekly updates?
Sheldan says..."The purpose of the updates is to inform, to activate, to empower, to uplift, to inspire and to bridge. Yes, some people are activated by reading my weekly updates and books. The actual activation process is a very subtle one that involves the slight lifting of your spiritual amnesia. Activation takes place through the use of various combinations and sequences of words on each page of either my updates or my books. They contain a specific vibration pattern that sets up a resonance in your suppressed RNA/DNA memory. This vibration pattern then gradually helps to activate your remembrance of those past events and/or universal truths that are embedded in your cellular memory. You have suppressed them since childhood. When the time or circumstances are right, these profound memories begin to make their appearance once again.

“The many updates are to let people know that there is an ongoing educational and activational process. This process requires that a constant series of updates be given to the public. The primary purposes of this mission are to inform you of what is unfolding and to aid the Galactic Federation and Ascended Masters in preparing you for the eventuality of first contact."

For many of us who have been reading the updates for years, even though repetitive, they are vitally important because they help us hold the energies that allow us to assist the Galactic Federation.
The galactic viewpoint is that first contact must occur at precisely the right moment, and will only manifest when all the preliminaries are complete. Although most of the preparation for announcements is in place, the last-minute details that complete the steps needed to bring about announcements – cabal arrests – abundance programs – disclosure and mentoring by the Galactic Federation – must be absolutely fail-safe. This is because the vast majority of Earth’s peoples remain unaware of the coming Shift, and the Galactic Federation and Earth Allies have to be extremely careful to avoid mass panic. Above all, changes must unfold peacefully.

As Sheldan’s updates have revealed over the years, the GF have at times miscalculated our readiness for contact, leading us to believe they would arrive sooner than they were able. Obviously the GF have been dealing with a very stubborn cabal that will not be defeated easily, and adjustments to plans and timelines are inevitable.

Gaia is an extraordinarily complex planet. While most planets have just a single governmental system and only one religion, here we have a multitude of governments, cultures, religions, etc., all of which must be unraveled and prepared prior to our reality/ascension Shift. As a whole, our Earth consists of people burdened with far too much baggage and, under ordinary circumstances; the GF could very easily have passed us by. Fortunately, this planet is part of a much bigger picture. Owing to Gaia’s status as a jewel in the galaxy, the GF and heaven have made a rare exception to help us. But it means that we still must go through the process, with all of its inherent delays, before we reach the Divine time for a Shift.

If we become impatient with messages that are repetitive and with endless delays we must ask ourselves: Does my impatience change anything? The way to ascension still remains the same.

Ultimately it is the road we must follow.

Here is a link to my PAO web-blog where I share many of my feelings about dealing with ascension:      PAO - Webmaster's Blog

Selamat Ja!

Webmaster PAO

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