mandag 9. juni 2014

Wake up Call: Nancy, June 09,14

Dear ones, we are so enthralled with the times these days and so enamored of all that is being told to us. It is a matter of us being told and all that is in the works coming to fruition. Or is it; is it that simple or that complex? Are we waiting with baited breath that which we are told is coming? Or are we saying to ourselves that it is in our world now and that we are enjoying every moment of our lives?

There are those who say that there is only one way to look at it, and that is that it is not physically in our lives, after all we have been told saying that it is, then why should we listen any more to what they say? Well, I say that there is more to the action than applies to the physicality that we have created. There is also that moment of manifestation that is awaiting enough support that says yes, it is here with us now, and we are so enjoyng it!

Is that what we are creating in our disbelief, or our impatience for what we have been told is here? Is that the way we bring to our lives that which we desire and intend? How about seeing this all as the ships in the harbor? How many of you know what I mean by the ships in the harbor? I first heard about it about 15-20 years ago as I was opening up to the real person I am.

The story goes that there were ships that came into the harbor off the shores of where some natives lived who had not seen much of other people. Their elders knew about the other life on the planet, and they knew that there were other things in this world that their natives had not heard of, much less seen. As the ships stayed in the harbor, the natives saw them as huge boulders, for that is what they knew. They wondered why they suddenly were there, and figured it must have been something that rose up from the ocean floor.

The elders knew different for they saw them as the ships that they were. They talked with the natives, and soon some of them saw them as ships. Those natives talked with some of the others and eventually the others saw it as well. As this progressed more of the natives saw that they were ships. After the majority of the natives saw the truth of the ships, then suddenly all of them saw that they were ships. 

This is an example of what is with us now, and has been since time began. It continues as I speak. As long as we see the way life is on this earth, then that is the way it will continue to look like and be. For those on this earth will still see it to be and believe it is. How many of us have been given untold amounts of money, so much that we feel we could never spend it all in our lives? How many of us have not had to scrape and save for us to be able to live within our means and barely get by? Has this not been a way of life for so many of us on this planet?

Now imagine how it would be if we suddenly were handed a huge amount of money by which to give ourselves all that we desire and more, for the rest of our lives. How many of us can relate to that in a way that tells us that it is for real? We may want to, but do we really believe it when we hear it? Is there a part of us that is saying, “Oh sure, someday we will have a million dollars to do what we want with,” and then feel the feeling of, ‘No way!’, on a level that feels like reality?

Perhaps it is time to get beyond the idea of boulders in the harbor and see the ships as what they are. They are there to give us the opportunity to see more of this world that we have created. It is there to extend our feelings of knowing and believing in ourselves to be able to have a life that is more in keeping with the abundance that we are destined for, in so many ways. Could it be that first having the huge sums of money that we are being told we will have, will take us to a stage in our evolvement where we will be able to experience our lives in a way that tells us that we don’t have to have money in order to be happy, at peace and able to do anything that we desire? Is maybe the world of unrestricted money the middle ground to us being able to relate to the idea that we don’t need anything outside of ourselves in order to create that which we intend and desire for our lives?

I feel that in order for the money to come to us we have to be happy about the abundance that we have right now. Feel this truth of abundance and the joy of it in all that we do. The more we approach this whole subject with joy, peace and love, the closer we will come to manifesting it without any encumbrances upon it. Play the game to the fullest. Get beyond the empty table that you so desperately want to have food on. See the food there and know that it is a matter of you doing more than wanting it. Know that as you are inspired to go forth and manifest it, it will come to you in a way that is created through your knowing and love for yourself and all of life.

I’m not saying this only because I read it in some book, or messages. I can say this because I have experienced it. I am still in the process of experiencing it, of creating it in my life on the levels that can bring what I desire and intend into my life. I too have brought doubt and disbelief to certain stories. But I realize that in order for what I am told to come to fruition I must let go of it not being here. I must know that it already is here; it is up to the circumstances that we all create to bring it into our physicality. It is important to not set ourselves up for disappointment, for that is adding to and supporting the fear energy. Go in joy, peace and love through life and that is what we will manifest.

We are the creators in our lives. We see the ships in the harbor and they bring to us the treasures that we call for. All is well, and we are rejoicing in every moment.

I see abundance for you all!

Much Love, Nancy Tate

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