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LIVE KRYON CHANNELLING - "Soul Communication Part 2 " - This live channelling was Given in San Antonio, Texas February 23, 2014

To help the reader, this channelling has been revisited [by Lee and Kryon] to provide even clearer understanding. Sometime information is even added. Often what happens live has implied energy within it, which carries a kind of communication that the printed page does not. So enjoy this enhanced message given in San Antonio on February 23, 2014.

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. This afternoon, we will call this message part two of "Soul Communication." Yesterday [Soul Communication, part one] was filled with instructions on how Spirit might communicate with you and other energies on the planet, which are nonlinear and perhaps even multidimensional. In that message, we spoke to you instructionally about you communicating to the others. We even mentioned who the others are.

This entire subject is bigger than you think. There will come a day when science will acknowledge that the planet is literally filled with life-force that is invisible, and some of it even has a form of consciousness. At that time, they will re-assess "what is alive" and perhaps even have a redefinition of life itself. Yesterday, we discussed how to communicate with many of these energies, and there was a great deal to discuss. Today, it's more personal.

Soul Communication, Part Two

You've come here today to see how you can improve yourself spiritually, but the teaching goes beyond that. It may reveal things you didn't see before. Soul communication can also be defined as "you with you" and, therefore, the subject is also "getting in touch with your own divinity". Is it not true, dear ones, that the entire purpose of today's lesson is how to get in touch with the nonlinear parts of yourself? That is soul communication.

Can you even conceive of the possibility that you are split into many multidimensional parts? As we have told you before, you are indeed in many places at once, but a significant part of you is really vibrating higher than your awareness and, therefore, is called your "Higher-Self". Balancing all this and becoming like the masters of the planet is really you getting in touch with the other parts of you that are sacred. That's soul communication. So everything we say from this point on applies to that as well - you, communicating with the "higher you".

Spiritual Survival

Let me take you back a bit. How many lifetimes have you slogged through old energy? Slogged through it? You picked yourself up and the old energy of the planet knocked you back. This is a metaphor of the old soul awakening to the realization of divine purpose for itself and the planet, only to be ignored, or worse, to be "found out" and then feared.

Old soul, it seemed that you just get started on a spiritual path and it kills you. You come back again and then you're enlisted in a war and it kills you again. You come back, you awaken; you become even shamanic, and it kills you for being enlightened. How many lifetimes has it been where all you can do is hold your own and try to survive in a world of very old, dark thinking? Survival becomes a word that means something completely different to the old soul. High consciousness in an old energy is like a square peg in a round hole, and this is what the old soul is used to.

Dear ones, this is ending - all of it - and this was the prophecy of the indigenous of the planet for this time. Here you are, ready for it. But the planet is not going to suddenly become higher in consciousness, dear ones. Instead, the systems around you and the energy around you are going to start getting easier, making it far easier to survive for those like you. There will be far less resistance and more openness of many people than ever before. This is the beginning of a very slow shift.

This also means that it's going to be easier for you to balance. We've used this "balance" word over and over. Many times, those in esoteric belief systems go into certain Human life categories because it's pure survival. It's easy for you to be a hermit, speaking even to my partner. If you don't have to show your light, it's easier. In the past if you showed your light, you were hunted! You understand what I'm saying, don't you? For when you open the door and the light spills out, everybody looks at you because you are different. What's wrong with this picture? In the past, it has meant your demise. This is what is changing. But it's hard to forget it.


So in this energy, past the precession of the equinoxes, we've got some news: The first thing we would love to give you is what we call the "rules of the creator". Now, these rules are not what you think. Let's get even more specific. We will call them The Laws of God Toward Humanity.

These laws are not breakable, nor would we want them to be. We absolutely would never violate them. Spirit is not like a Human. There is no consciousness that is linear, with rules or laws that must be obeyed or not. These are different kinds of laws. For instance, the laws of physics are absolute and they have to do with the way matter behaves in your reality. The laws of physics are not laws being obeyed by a consciousness; they're the laws of matter. In a similar fashion, there are laws of spirituality - the way God works.

So let me tell you about some of them. First of all, for all humanity they are honoring, beautiful and benevolent. Would you expect anything else from the creative source?  Here is one law: We stand apart from you unless you invite us in. This is more than free choice for humanity; it is the law of the creator. Do we like this part? Not really, for our love wants to shout that we are here, but we can't. It's our way of honoring the Human Being's free choice. If you really knew we were here, you would immediately change and there would be no test. No. The choice to find us must be yours and yours alone.

Dear ones, the old energy of this planet was difficult for all of us. You awakened and you were in survival mode, and within the old energy the majority of humanity simply wasn't interested and didn't let us in. Can you imagine your children suddenly becoming different and not recognizing you? Can you imagine them wandering around and running into walls because they can't see? Imagine that you've got the only flashlight anywhere and they are in the darkness, afraid. But you can't use the flashlight unless they ask for it. They never call out for you because they don't even know your name! They don't remember who you are. You birthed them and you care about them, yet they don't know you exist. Can you imagine that? That's our law.

Another law: When you as a Human Being open your hand and your heart to a spiritual quest, things happen. Many of you even have a lineage of Akashic remembrance about how that feels (and perhaps the trouble it brings in an old energy). When you begin to answer that internal spiritual question, "Is there more?", you allow us in. At that moment, everything changes and we begin to communicate. That's our law. But when more and more of you do this, the law expands to other attributes around you also. Then they begin to change also. When enough Humans begin this process, the very planet begins to shift. It's called fast-tracking.

Now, this is where it gets good. The shift also has to do with what you have called the sensitivity of energy within the Human Being. When you walk into a battlefield where the Crystalline Grid has remembered what happened there, you feel the drama of it. This is changing, and we told you about that. However, let's say you walk into that battlefield with another. You feel it, but they don't. The dialogue might go like this:

"What's wrong with you?"

You might say, "Don't you feel the energy here?"

"What energy? What do you mean?" they reply.

"Something happened here. Don't you feel it?"

"No, I don't."

That's when they look at you and think perhaps you're pretending, or that you want attention, or that you're "playing the role" of the oversensitive spiritual person. What is the difference between you and them? The answer is this: You're letting this awareness in and they're blocking it. We're going to talk about blocks in a moment.

Some of you will walk into the forest and you'll feel it. It surrounds you with its love and beauty. Gaia speaks to you. The trees are pushing out oxygen with a benevolent system of photosynthesis. The plants give you oxygen and you give them carbon dioxide. What a system! Look around. Science will say that system happened by accident - a random occurrence. Do you believe that? What a beautiful system! The trees themselves know who you are. You walk into the forest and you feel it hug you, but perhaps another is next to you who came with a chainsaw. They don't care and they don't feel it. To them, the forest is only a resource. What's the difference between the two of you? There's no judgment here, I'm just asking you. What do you think the difference is? The answer: You're letting multidimensional awareness in and they are not. You see, you are becoming more aware of multidimensional soul communication. In this case, it's your enormous soul energy communicating with the other parts of the planet who are also multidimensional.

When you make the decision that it's OK to feel this energy, it will be there. Most of humanity so far has not made that decision. They block it. The law is this - this communication will come to you only with your allowance. The moment you open the door of allowance, you may begin to feel it. Those are our rules.

It's not just allowance for communication from the creative source, but also from an amazing number of what we would call other benevolent energies. These others are represented by groups with names that you have given them. They also cannot get through to you unless you allow it. That's their rule as well. Your names for them are Pleiadians, Arcturians, Sirians, Hathors or those from Orion. There are many more, but unless you open to the possibility of them, they can't communicate either.

Most of humanity will stand next to you as you communicate and think you're not well. That's the way it looks to them. Listen, dear ones, the benevolent groups who represent your DNA essence [your seed biology] and who know who you are are many. The amount of help you have on this planet is staggering, yet the majority of humanity will not allow awareness of it or let the possibility into their reality.

The Old Soul

Now, that's where the old soul comes in. Dear ones, you're already tuned up! If you're hearing my voice or reading these words, you're allowing it. Let me tell you what's going on, dear ones, for there are various degrees of allowance. But the first one is to open the door - and it begins.

The energy of 2014 and beyond is going to start creating new paradigms on the planet. These new paradigms are for discovery, awakening, realization and for "a-ha" experiences. Not all of them will be spiritual. Science will discover many things that will pose new questions. Those questions and the answers will then open doors that won't immediately seem spiritual, but they will all lead in that one direction. The new discoveries of quantum physics and of consciousness that has been hiding will change the rules, forcing biology and physics together in an odd relationship. It will cause a rethinking of life itself and eventually lead to proof of a multidimensional reality of other consciousnesses around you.

New Discovery - New Reality

The doctor is operating on a patient. Chemically, the patient is out. Perhaps his heart has been removed and another is ready to be placed into a gaping cavity in his chest. A machine is keeping him alive by pumping his blood. His life essence is hovering above the operating table and somehow he is watching it all. Some patients have reported seeing things that only the doctors knew, and some have not. Those who went into that surgery with an allowance saw themselves on the table. That is "soul communication". The multidimensional part of them watched it all.

There is so much here to look at, and some of it is very provable with time. When the studies begin in earnest, some of these things will start opening up. Humanity is going to have to give allowance to an entirely new set of concepts about life, and one of them will be this: Multidimensional life is eternal, completely separated from corporeal life. Consciousness is forever, and the soul indeed comes back over and over. Can there ever be proof of that? Yes. But many will deny it. When more and more children begin to remember their last immediate deaths and can give facts that could not be known, it will start to be studied by those who are mainstream. More and more children will tell their stories, and you will know that a new chapter in spiritual awareness has begun on the planet. Many will deny what the findings show, for it won't fit their truth.

When the earth starts to look at that, it will begin to turn the corner of all spiritual belief. How far away is that? Far, far away. Don't worry about it, dear ones, for you'll be there. Don't put a time limit on it. When it happens, you're going to be there. The next time you awaken in this [future] life, at many levels you're going to remember who you are. It will be in a way much grander than you did this time. It won't happen later in your life. Instead, it will happen when you are a child. You might be some of these example children!

Blocks and Filters to Soul Communication

Let me talk about blocks and filters. The main block to allowance, to you feeling these multidimensional things or believing them, is tradition. We use this word to mean, "what you've been taught". What you have been taught holds an energy over you that you don't really see as all that powerful, but it is. Changing the way you believe requires you to rethink something that has been sacred or precious to you because someone or some organization that you trusted taught it to you. Perhaps it was your parents, or your school, or others who you love, admire, and adore? Truth is the cognizing of concepts that you are taught. When that happens, your consciousness "owns them", and anything other than that truth is not seen by you as real. It's a commitment that you make, and it puts you in a box that you don't even know you are in.

How does a Human get through that incredible block? How can you change tradition? The answer is that you must suspend that which you have been taught and give allowance for something different. This is so difficult that some never get through it. They cannot, and it remains what we have called a permanent block. Professionals tend to have strong blocks, for they had the longest education to get them to where they are now. For them to allow information that challenges what they learned is difficult if not impossible for their reality, for it would create chaos in their intellectual survival.

Filter: Sometimes, Lightworkers can allow some information to become their truth, but not all of it. Let us say, for instance, that what you have been taught fights with one or two aspects of the esoteric system that Kryon teaches. You are open to some, but not to others. Is this a problem? No. Again, you have free choice to "clean the window" of your soul to see whatever part you need to. Your Human psyche is compartmentalized in linear ways, so you may be wide open to one kind of thing and yet with another you're still undecided. That is called a filter, and we understand that the revelation of truth is an ongoing process for Humans.

A filter keeps you from seeing the whole picture, but gives allowance for other things that are accurate. So you might say it skews what you do and how you do it. This is best observed in healers, psychics and channellers who are mixing old energies with new ones.

Let's take a channeller, for instance. [Kryon smile] He may sit before you and he will feel that he has good and real information. However, his track record clearly shows that he is better in certain areas than others. He will give you predictions about the future, but then they won't happen. He will give you a time and date, and nothing happens. So what would you think about a channeller like that? You would think, "Well, maybe he really isn't channelling?" There are many like this who really are channelling, but who are still "cleaning the window" of how to interpret what they see.

They have a filter, and the filter might be that they have been taught that the future is going to be filled with doom. So that's what they look for when they are in a channelled state. It's hard for them to shake this, and they will indeed be channelling, but in the process they will go out and look at the potentials of what is going to happen on this planet and in the "soup of possibilities", and instead of seeing the strongest ones, they report the most dramatic ones - even if those are very remote potentials. You see? Their filter attracts them to the negative no matter what.

For 25 years, I have been telling you, through my partner, that the strongest potentials for your planet are that you are slowly cleaning things up. The new energy is upon you, and you are headed towards a peaceful planet. I told you that there would be no problems at the millennium shift, and there were none. We told you that the Cold War would end, and it did. Against all odds and ancient prophecy, back in 1989 I told you that you would turn the corner, and you did. This remains the strongest potential of your future. Now I'm telling you that the old energy will fight back, and it is [look at your news]. It wants to pull you backwards so it will remain in charge. But it can't.

Peace on Earth and higher overall consciousness remains the strongest potential, and that's why I'm here, dear ones. I hope you get that clear. But it doesn't mean there are no other potentials. There are some potentials that probably will not happen in a million years. They are also old potentials, but they're still "out there" and the channeller will see them through a dark filter and never see the bigger picture. Their filter is that doom is coming, so no matter what, they will come back and give you that message. That's a filter.

Another filter: What if I ask you a personal question right now? I know you, so I'm going to ask: "Do you believe this is real? Do you believe this channelling is the real thing?"

"Yes I do," you say.

"Dear ones, do you believe you have an Akash that has multiple past lives represented within it and that you are an old soul?"

"Yes I do."

That's good! You are doing well, and you're giving allowances, are you not? You're starting soul communication. "Dear one, are you ready to go to the next level?"

"Yes I am."

Indeed! So then you proceed, and the first thing that starts to happen is that your pineal ramps up to give you intuitive thought. You begin to have good communication but suddenly it stops. The filter is there.

The filter: You don't deserve this gift of communication. You are unworthy.

Why is it that humanity will look at a master's life and instead of listening to what the master taught them, they will decide that in order to worship and honor that master, they have to emulate the suffering that the master went through? That's a filter! Do you see it? So instead of absorbing the message, you absorb that you are unworthy since you didn't go through what the master did.

Therefore - ready? - in order to receive the love of God or claim the divinity inside, you must suffer. That's a filter. This is not judgment, dear ones, it is simply revealing the way Humans have made decisions in an older energy that did not have allowance. Humanity looks at certain things without the structure or the knowledge or the wisdom of what it really means. This filter, therefore, biases everything you do spiritually and pulls it to what you were taught. Do you know how many New Age processes are based on unworthiness? Many. Perhaps it's time to rethink some things and instead start with this: You are magnificent! So get on with creating magnificent soul communication. You deserve it!

Start over. Ask yourself, am I loved? Then let us take your hand and go from there. Feel the chills within the answer to that question, if you are really asking it with pure intent. Let's go to spiritual kindergarten and start from there, dear old soul, so the blocks and filters will start to disappear and the intellect will get out of the way.

In order to give you the message you hear today, my partner had to learn to cast off his filters, and they were strong. His filters told him, "This is not the way it could possibly be. Scientifically, it doesn't make sense, and in 3D things don't work this way." He said to himself in the early days, "Lee, you're pretending to channel. You are making it up; it can't be happening." Then his filters were slowly overpowered by the truth he saw. The biggest one - his lack of self-worth. My partner said, "If I open my mouth, I'm going to make a fool of myself." Well, he did! Then he got over it and it got better. Then he allowed us to come in and it got even better. You know how we got to him? We got to him through his heart, not his intellect. Then, and only then, he had to weigh the difference between his head and his heart and his heart won.

Dear ones, that is our invitation to you, now that you know the rules. We're here all the time. How much do you believe it? We are ready to help you in all things. How much do you believe it?

Now you know the blocks; it's tradition, past teaching and old energy thought. There is no judgment to what you didn't know based upon an old energy that never let you know it. How can we ever be in judgment of any Human Being? How can we ever blame you for not seeing light when you were confined to a dark room? This is not a message where we are telling you that you were wrong and now you are right. This is a message to say that you were in the dark and now the light is being turned on! This is a message that says it's time to start over in what you think you know based on seeing new things that you didn't know were there!

Old soul, you carry light. You may have to start over in what you think is truth. Healer, are you hearing this? I know who is here. So you want to know why things are not working as well? I know who's here reading this! It's because the old energy had you doing things that simply don't work now. Oh, you can continue it, but you are so powerful, and we want you to have results! Double it! Triple it! Your potential to help humanity is awesome!

Facilitator, listen to this and don't misinterpret it. You don't have to be poor to know God. Are you alright with that? You can earn a living and stand tall and say, "I'm a healer; I'm a reader" and you can deserve to have an energy exchange. It can be barter or legal tender for your services, and it's appropriate. Who told you you couldn't? The answer: Tradition. If it's spiritual, it's supposed to be free. Have you heard that? If you offer a service, you can earn a living from it, and it won't violate any spiritual rules.

Let some spiritual common sense prevail. There are ways to balance the equation where you give away things that are not proprietary and charge for those that are. I told my partner years ago: Let the messages of Kryon be free! Let this energy be free. You are hearing and reading this for free, dear one. That was the result. I told him it was appropriate for him to earn a living from the things he did as Lee, the Human. His teaching and his physical products were from his tools and his talent, but the messages of Kryon should be free to all. Do you see the integrity of this? Do you see the balance in this?

You don't have to suffer and you don't have to be poor. You can stand tall, old soul. It's time to be balanced with these things. Let others see the divine balance in you. Start to see and eliminate the blocks and filters that stand in the way of your magnificence. When you take the hand of Spirit, your Higher-Self starts to talk to you. When that happens, it is going to give you information that will help extend your life and your health. Dear ones, you won't have to worry about survival in an old energy if you stop the blocks and open the filters.

That's the message of today, but it's also the message of yesterday and tomorrow. There are so many of you and so many new to this work, and you need to hear it many times. Now, again, I know who's here, I know who listens, who reads and who watches. I know the stubbornness of the Human brain, so I'll say this to you, "If not this lifetime, then the next. We're very patient and so is the earth."

There may be challenges along the way, dear ones, and there will be those of you who say, "Civilization is going backwards." I want you to use common sense. When you recalibrate an entire earth and include the recalibration of Human consciousness, there will be a lot of those who go into frustration. There will be challenge. The old ways don't work anymore. You're going to see splits in everything, even the new age. I've told you that. This message will not sit well with those who are invested in old teaching and tradition. But it will be seen as a revelation to those who will allow it.

Refresh your truth!

And so it is.

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