tirsdag 3. juni 2014

The forces of the dark are in disarray! June 3, 2014 by John Smallman

Here in the spiritual realms, where we are right beside you in fact, we are watching with delight as you move forwards so determinedly towards your inevitable awakening.  Signs of the imminence of this long awaited event can be seen all over the world as more and more of you turn inwards and allow the Love that envelops you all to embrace each one of you personally.  Accepting God’s loving embrace opens your hearts and dissolves the fear, anger, or resentment to which many have been clinging in order to justify unloving behavior in which they have engaged, or as a result of unloving behavior to which they have been subjected over many lifetimes.  This is a time of release, forgiveness, and reconciliation, it has been ongoing for a number of decades and has recently been gathering increased momentum.  As we have been telling you repeatedly: “You are to awaken.”

And yet it seems to many of you that nothing is happening, that no progress is being made, and that the lies, deceits, corruptions, and betrayals are continuing as usual, just as they have for all of your recorded history.  It seems like that because so much that was hidden is being revealed! Never before has so much that the “authorities” wished to keep hidden been brought to light and published.  Essential change is occurring because of this letting in of the light to formerly dark and well protected recesses established and maintained by those who would control you.

The unloving and self-centered agendas of those in power have always existed and been driven forwards by those who have the most to gain from serving, appeasing, and assisting their “masters.”  Now that is all coming out into the open, and shocking many of you who may be thinking “This is surely worse than it has ever been.”  I assure you it is not, and as more of these dirty secrets continue to be uncovered the ability to hide the remaining ones weakens.  The time for the few to mislead humanity is coming rapidly to an end.

Rejoice in this knowledge and remind yourselves regularly of it, because doing so lifts your spirits and strengthens your own personal energy fields which are inseparably and eternally connected to your Father’s divine field of Love.  By strengthening your own fields you also strengthen that connection so that your awareness of your Oneness with all of creation becomes increasingly apparent to you.  You begin to feel the Love that in every moment envelops you and which is always reaching out to you to assist you on your journey towards awakening.  And as your ability to feel that Love strengthens so does your awareness that your awakening is imminent and inevitable, further raising your spirits and further intensifying the effect that each one of you has on the collective.  To be optimistic is to open your energy field, your heart, to the Love in which you have your eternal existence. It is a great anti-depressant!

You have been told many times, and I shall now repeat it for you yet again: “What you are doing is of vital importance in humanity’s awakening process.  Were it not for your persistent efforts, as you hold your Light on high and intend to bring love to every issue and situation, the resistance to awakening would not be fading away as it is.”  Keep on doing as you have been doing, and know that the effects of your efforts continue to intensify, bringing Light into even the darkest of places.

The forces of the dark are in disarray!  They are in a state of panic, and as a result they are operating independently of each other in last ditch efforts to save themselves, thus losing the intensity of power that cooperation provides.  A united battle front is way more effective than a multitude of disconnected and uncoordinated attacks, but the dark are now reduced to the latter as their trust in each other disintegrates leaving them floundering “in the dark,” a state which for eons they have used effectively to their own advantage, but that now no longer serves them.  The lack of trust among them leaves chinks in their armor through which Love is flowing! And this is extremely disconcerting for them.

When you experience Love you find that it is irresistible, and that is what the vast majority of humanity has been seeking for eons.  However those who chose to engage with the dark shut out Love to intensify the darkness which they thought that they understood and could control.  However, the darkness, like all the rest of the illusion, is essentially illusory.  In the beginning it did not appear that way because of the intensity with which you established the illusion to make it seem real.  But once some of you started refusing to engage with it or stop giving it credence you effectively dealt it a mortal blow, cracks and holes appeared and through them Love is seeping in.  It was slow at first, but It is irresistible, and because of that the evidence of corruption on a vast scale, which had never before been admitted to or addressed, is now pouring forth in an endless stream – a shocking dilemma for those who would support the dark, and a shocking wake-up call to nearly everyone else.

The foundations and underpinnings of the illusion are collapsing because all of you have chosen to engage with Love – Love is Real, the illusion is not – which is all that exists.  Within the illusion the awakening to Love started like a little snowball released to roll downhill, and like a snowball It has been added to and added to as It has rolled.  We have been talking for some time now about a tsunami of Love, well right behind it is an avalanche, and that avalanche is unstoppable!  Prepare yourselves to be enveloped in its brilliant white Light, open yourselves to it, float to its sunlit surface, then get up on your snow boards or skis and glide gloriously across its shining surface in a state of ecstatic enjoyment.

The momentum towards your awakening is continuing to build.  Embrace the Love that enfolds you within It, share It, extend It, and you will experience the sense of knowing that your awakening is indeed imminent.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

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