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Open to Giving, Opening to Receive - Posted by Steve Beckow on June 1, 2014

Er du klar til å ta imot, når overfloden banker på?  Tilløpene til giverglede ser vi allerede, men bare sporadisk og i form av snurrige påfunn.  Spørsmålet er:  Er du rede til å ta imot, når det starter for fullt?

Folks, thank you again for your support of the team.

I was talking to one team member this morning who was reinforcing in me the need to open to receive in the time ahead and I’m starting to get it.

Many, many lightworkers will be doing financial work and, if we have issues around receiving, how will we be able to allow ourselves to handle the large sums of money passing through our hands and out to others? How will we be able to act as a pipeline if we ourselves have issues – mostly of self-worth, but sometimes of fear – about receiving?

When St. Germaine said last year that “rivers of gold” would be flowing, (1) he wasn’t exaggerating. To build Nova Earth, incredible amounts of money will flow and there’ll need to be lightworkers who’ve completed their issues, not just about giving but also about receiving, to handle those amounts of money and see that they flow.

Issues of giving and receiving may have completely different origins. They may be unrelated. Many people are good at giving but almost cramped and arthritic at receiving (well, like me, for instance). The giving issues may be around fears of scarcity and survival. But the receiving issues may be around self-worth.

I’ve been encouraged to share some of my issues around receiving so I will. And I know I’m not unique here. If I accepted money from my Dad, it was an invitation for him to intrude in my life in ways that were really uncomfortable and difficult for me to handle. Predictably I developed a reluctance to receive, a vasana against receiving.

Moreover, handling large sums of money brings up fear of making a mistake. It’s an act of service to be willing to play in this arena.

There’ll be no escape from playing a financial role if we’re willing to build Nova Earth. I won’t be able to escape it and others who participate will also need to have their issues under control, if not gone.

And not only these issues but issues of arrogance, conceit, pride, vengeance, paternalism – oh, so many issues.

One team member whose views I respect – OK, OK, my sacred partner (let me call her “Ruth”) – has been opening my eyes to the impact our attitudes have on such things as the flow of funds. I’m a slow learner in this area. But gradually I’ve been coming to see that, if I cannot open to receive in the lesser circumstances, how will I be able to open to create a pipeline of funds flowing outwards?

It’s her opinion that that’s part of why the Nova Earth team has been learning for so many years how to dissolve financial issues.  I resisted this viewpoint for years, but it’s now becoming clear to me that there’s much truth in it. Just as there’s truth in how we’ve all been brought together to promote the clearing of our other vasanas, false grids and core issues as well.

After this is all over, we’ll probably turn to our allies and mentors in the Company of Heaven and ask them for the backstory and they’ll reveal how so much of what has transpired was to create us being pure vessels for the parts of the Mother’s Plan that required selflessness, integrity, compassion, etc.

By then, of course, we won’t have a charge on any of these long waits, disappointments, and false starts. By then we’ll know the outcome of the story and be bathed in bliss. It’s only now that so much of it feels difficult to take.  But who said this journey would be easy? Why we’re here is that we held up our hands when the assignment was first discussed.

Who wants to be the first to ascend with the physical body? Who wants to endure the stops and starts that any first-of-its-kind-in-creation involves?  Who wants to go through the slow simmer that taking our bodies with us will require?  Who wants to be responsible for managing large sums of money that have to go out to build a new world, with all the attendant worries of mistakes and complaints?

Guess what? You and I put up our hands … and so it shouldn’t be a surprise that now here we are!   

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