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Wake up Call - Nancy Tate

02-09-14: I received some information in my email today from Anakhanda Mushaba that he was inspired to write as he read the Wake up Call that I sent out on the 6th. As I sat down to respond to his writings St Germain came through with his responses. See the revised WUC below.

St. Germain,

Nancy: St Germain, I have been wondering since you gave the information the other day that you did, why did you give me what you did, and why the timing of it? Now I am wondering, what more, if any, is there that you would like to share with me so that I can share it with the world? I feel there must be at least a part 2 to this message.

St Germain: Yes indeed, my dear one, there is much more that I could share with you, and today we will make a start on it. It is a matter of being in the flow, and exploring the avenues that are due to be traversed in the journey of the people on this planet. As for the timing, it is a matter of addressing anything that is flowing into the hearts and minds of all of Creation.
First I will tell you this piece of information. There is coming to the planet a wave of power that will come from the people that will open many doors that have been closed for millennia. It is a doorway that not only you have opened in the past several years, but many others have as well. It is a doorway through which the personages have come to this planet to instruct the ones who came here to empower and overtake the ones of the lower energies. There is an ongoing onslaught of events that are not only ‘under the table’, but are in tune with what is open to the public. As I speak, there are many who are putting together the steps that are designed to overpower the lower energies and to bring forth the truth of what has been hidden for so long.

One of these things I will speak of here. There has been a long-lasting attempt to overcome the ones who are serving the light, and who have made strides in that direction. I tell you all now that these original ones who have tried to overcome are now in bondage on another planet and are being treated with the light energy that they agreed to when they came into this whole endeavor. They did not at the beginning realize what they were dealing with, and as they dealt further into the depths of the fear energies, they were not able to relieve themselves of that which had not only encumbered the ones they sought to enslave, but it had also encumbered them to fall deeper into that which they agreed to.

Anakhanda Mushaba: This reminds me of Maldion story as well as the Cina incident where Maldion and I were being pulled into the warp of evil. Also too I see how they can get lost in this as they feel that this is truly who they are. They forget they are role playing and the play is supposed to end.

S.G. New: Yes, it is a matter of the old ones meeting the new ones and then coming into terms with what it is that is in line for not only the ones on earth, but, for the ones on this other planet where they are undergoing their return to themselves. It will be an incredible journey for them when they realize what they have allowed to happen in thie existence and as they take homage to the truth, they will then step forth and allow the truth to come to the people.

This is what happens when one goes into the energies that they agree to. For it is the power of the energy of Love. When one falls more and more into the energy of fear, one seeks to become more and more of that energy, for one knows only the original energy of Love. This is what you all have shown us in your journeys in this mission that you all agreed to. You try and try by using tactics that you feel will accomplish your success, things that are pushing against what seems to be not what you want. You do so thinking that it is because of your power of Love, which has always been that way before taking this sojourn through duality. Now there are so many of you who are realizing that pushing only drives you deeper into the fear.

AM: This is so true. Also to The Power of Love from the beginning was brought through the Mushaba Race from the first universe. That was all they had known until they created the second universe of duality.

S.G. New: Yes, though they did know that there would be a coming journey for them, an expression of what they knew, it was beyond their scope of information what would be coming. That is what we speak of when we say the expression of creativity in the innocence of truth.

My dear ones, this is not to say that the energy of Love supports what they are doing, or that it supports the energy of fear. It is saying that when a being knows only the energy of Love, and then falls away from it in agreement with the Source, then it speaks itself in the original energy the only energy that has been experienced as yet, that of Love. As the energy of what has been experienced grows and multiplies it becomes more of itself, that which it has experienced. Now that we have brought so many of those who chose the way of the lower energies to our midst on the other planet, the one where they will return to their original selves, they will be undergoing a cleanse that will bring them back to themselves. It will be a cleansing that is so complete that they will not only remember their original selves, but they will retain the knowledge of what they have done to serve the mission that they volunteered for.

 AM: Thus this is the power of love! The MUshaba Energy leads one back to themselves.
S.G. New: Yes, and it shows how newness was created in their journey and what they contributed to the whole ‘scheme of things’.

This has been a most valuable episode for all of life. There has been much learned and expressed in this experience. This is why we have been here at this time to rescue the ones who gave of themselves to lower their energies in the way that contributed to the experience that has unfolded. Now they are taking a look at what is taking place within themselves, and they are learning from that. They are seeing the process that they underwent and that all of life experienced as well. They are seeing that those who are left on earth to finish off the deal will be working with us in stages that harmonize with what they are doing and what will accomplish the best way to come back to themselves. It is a time of so many being brought back to themselves. As it goes through the various stages we will be right there with them to guide and assist them every step of the way.
We are seeing that there are many who are finding so much inspiration in their journeys back to themselves and as they accomplish what they see to be the best they can do, it is phenomenal. They are taking strides that we had not seen could be done, even though we knew that they would surpass the timeliness that it took to get them here. We are seeing the utmost in power that they have to come up out of the muck and mire to find their cleanliness and to shine it forth to all with whom they come into contact. It is a grand journey that we all have undergone, and as we continue, we teach each other.
One more thing I wish to tell you today is that as we work with these ones on the other planet, we are finding that they are seeing what you can do to rise above what they tried to make you do, and they are giving you so much Love and energy of clearance. They watch with us and learn that what they did was on some level what they have called deplorable; it was what they agreed to do. It has added to what we all can go on with in our next journeys.
Also it can be used in a way that shows us what not to do, even when it seems at the time to support us. For instance, if one seeks to overpower another, the power is in answering the order with a return based in Love, rather than in fear. There is nothing that is more powerful than Love. When one responds in Love to anything that is based in fear, the fear is overcome. They are seeing that Love is the only thing that can be in truth as long as it is used in its purity of the power of Love. This is something to remember in these coming times. Anything that comes up in these times that does not feel like genuine Love will be met most successfully with the purity and strength of Love. When you push against anything it gains in the power of fear. When you meet it with ease and Love it melts before your eyes and becomes one with you. What results is pure Love in expression.
AM: This is telling me so much more about the mission and purpose f the Mushaba Force, which is now the Love Essence of Mushaba. Remember that Mushaba is Love and now that the Love Essence of Mushaba is here, this is what many will eventually tune into to. They may not know that it is that and that doesn't matter. Mushaba is Pure Love In Expression. Love in Motion! Mushaba is the original Love!

S.G. New: Yes, Mushaba is the original expression of Love. It is the next step beyond the knowing of Love. It is the movement of Love in the intent of the Creator to Do, as well as Be.

Dear ones, I will be back through this one in the coming times and I will share more with you. There will come a time, even in the next moment from now, when you will be doing the same thing with all of those with whom you come in contact that you feel would appreciate what you have to share with them. Till then send them Love and know that there will come a time when you will all meet at the table of the last supper of the old and change it into the new table of the celebration of the new beginnings. I love you all so splendidly and look forward to holding your hands and celebrating in your divine presence.
AM: It would be so cool if they can speak about the Love Essence of Mushaba and its purpose. I think it will serve the people to know. I know that when I get back to writing and speaking again I will be bringing in a lot of this info. However, I am not the only Mushaba, nor the only source where this info will come from. You too are Mushaba, and many more are awakening to that fact. I have been hearing from people that have been in touch with Kathryn May and found out that they have a Mushaba connection. Mushaba Beings are awakening. I haven't had the opportunity to really connect with her only on one occasion after Papa passed away and she heard from someone about it and called me and I spoke to Papa at that time through her. That was the only time I any connection with her directly.

I just feel like sharing more and more with you my thoughts about things. It doesn't matter if you agree, for as friends we both are simply sharing our thoughts, which is how we expand and grow into our own truth and wisdom.

You know Papa will not only speak through me, Raonezha, and the other family members, but you as well, for you are family and never forget that.

Love, A
S.G. New: There will indeed come a time when many more will not only realize the truth about the Mushaba energy, but they will begin to feel and see the connection they have with it, for it is within everyone, just as the Christed energy is. As we go down these roads of truth and find the missing pieces we will become more and more aware of what we have been undergoing and what steps to take from where we are in the moment. It is a matter of being in the Now and seeing it in joy, peace and Love.

Nancy: Thank you so much Anakhanda for your reflections on what St Germain brought forward.

Thank you so much dear St. Germain,
Much Love, Nancy Tate

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