mandag 17. februar 2014

Look at Sochi! We've Discovered Ourselves Again! - a message from Neale Donald Walsch - Friday, 14 February, 2014

My dear friends ... 

It’s time to make an assessment here, I think. It’s time to take stock. How are we doing here? How are you doing individually, and how are we doing collectively, during this time we have in our present physical form? 

Look, we're all here on a journey. Every one of us is making this trip. And it has nothing to do with what we think we’ve achieved or accomplished here on Earth --- except insofar as that achievement or accomplishment serves and advances the agenda of our Soul. 

It is the Soul’s agenda we have come here to serve, not the agenda of the Body or the Mind. And it is our failure to understand that --- this one, single failure --- that is responsible for all the ills befalling Humanity right now. (And throughout history.) 

Now look what’s happening today in Sochi. I had a chance to catch a couple of hours of the Winter Olympics on television the other night, and it was a pure joy. The joy of it was watching people in love. 

They were people in love with life, expressing explosive joy and unmitigated sorrow openly, needing and trying to shield their emotions from no one. 

They were in love with each other, athletes and audience alike, hugging and crying together, congratulating or consoling each other, competing with each other full out, yet without their yearning to win overcoming their impulse to be compassionately and caringly human. 

And they were in love with themselves, exuberantly living and expressing every ounce of themselves, celebrating themselves and their commitment and determination to be the highest version of themselves that they could possibly muster, that they could, with their grandest effort, call forth. 

What I saw was confirmation. Confirmation that human beings can do this. And the only thing I wondered was: If human beings can do this around Sports, what stops us from doing this around Politics in our legislatures, around Economics in our board rooms, around Religion in our houses of worship? Why can’t we play well everything? 

The lesson of the Olympic Games is that our species is capable of being bigger than each of our individual desires. Indeed, we are capable of merging those desires in a way that allows us to reach for the highest and best within us without seeing the lowest and the worst in the person standing next to us. 

Would that we could all see Life as such a game. A game where the true competition was with the self, rising to greater-than-ever-before performance in the truly Olympian Event called Life. 

Look, we are on a journey here. And if you think it’s about how much money you make or how much fame you achieve or how many accolades come your way or how much power you acquire and now yield over how many people, you will be sadly mistaken, and you will have missed the point. Utterly and completely, you will have missed the point of Life. And at the moment of your death, you will know this. 

It will be crystal clear to you then that you have wasted most of the moments of your life on things having nothing to do with why you came here, and what the purpose of all of this was. Unless you haven’t. 

Unless you are one of those humans who has understood all along --- or who found out at a point in life giving you enough time to do something about it --- that the Agenda of Your Soul has only to do with how you are being, not what you are doing, during your time upon the Earth. 

Are you being the grandest expression of who and what you really are (which is, incidentally, the Individuation of Divinity) that each moment you encounter will allow? That is the Olympian question. And your life as you are living it right now is the answer. 

Let the Games begin.   Love,  Neale

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