torsdag 20. februar 2014

Wake up Call: Hatonn, Feb 20, 14

I am here today to bring you some information about how all is lining up in your solar system to become one with each other in the energies of the planets being family members One and all. I am Hatonn, and I come this day in the tremendous amount of Love that you are sending out in display to the system that you have embraced as home in this universe.

I see that the system is coordinating itself in the minute particles of existence, to the hugeness of the sun and all that encompasses it. It is all in balance with each other and it comes to the point where in that balance lies the utmost Love and communication that can be. It is something that has not been experienced since the earth became a part of the system that was ever-evolving. It was part of the oneness of the planet Tiamat, and then when it separated into Maldek and Earth, is when the separation of expression took root.

Since the time-warp in which Maldek set the example of how separation can uproot and sever the oneness, there has been a tremendous amount of that same energy surrounding the system. That has come to a change since the harmonic Convergence. Since then the changes have exponentially come about, to the point at which today the oneness has been spoken by each assemblage of the system as being back to the oneness.

There is a difference though, that has come about through the evolution that this system has brought to the wholeness of the universe. It is that the example that was shown and experienced through Maldek was the set-off to the duality that has been experienced on earth. It is now back to the Oneness, which is being realized by so many here on earth. It is a matter of the openness being felt and experienced by all of humanity. It is a matter of those who have not as yet completed their contracts for this lifetime, being in the expression of that for the next experiences that they have chosen for their part of the return to Oneness.

The reason that so many of you are experiencing what is called the ascension symptoms is because you have already gone beyond the duality and back to the higher expressions of yourselves. You are going back and forth between the old and the new, as you would see it to be. In actuality it is all the same. It is the Oneness of the experience that you have chosen, and that the others who are still in the duality experience are returning from. You are all in the compression energy that is the expression of the intermediateness of the return to yourselves.

Look at it this way; you are in a sphere of Light and there are sections of it somewhat like an orange. Each section of an orange has fibers and fluidity, as well as seeds in the middle. There is a sweetness to it all, and as it expresses in itself, each particle of it takes it’s own validity and shares it with all that encompasses it. Each part of it expresses in it’s own way and yet has it’s purpose for the whole.  That is what you are doing at this turn of the expression of evolvement. You are each giving of yourselves to one another and doing so with the sweetness, Love, and wholeness of expression that each part gains from, and gives benefits to at the same time.

So as you each go about your business and you see how others are progressing as well, you will gain from their experience and they too will gain from yours. Send them all sweet Love. Know that as they show you by their example, so too do you. We see you all in the beautiful Light from the wholeness of your expression. We see that you are flowing through this journey in the sweetness of the Creator. You are in line with the sphere of Eternal Love that is bringing you to itself as a wondrous being of Creation.

Love is all you are, and you are Creating it, as I speak.

Thank you dear Hatonn,

Much Love, Nancy Tate

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