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The Beacons of Light ~ Re-minders from Home - February 18 2014 ~ Just Bee ~

Greetings, dear ones. I am eM.

A Change in the Sun’s Polarity
I am so thrilled to be with you here today. There are so many things that are starting to open on Earth and we will share with you a little bit about the next step of humanity. It is coming at the speed of love, which is slightly faster than the speed of light. Even Einstein did not know that. There is so much happening because of your movement, elevation, and ability to run the energy completely through your body without having to feel the negative effects. You have done an incredible job up to this point mostly by ignoring it sometimes—oh yes, humans can look the other way quite well—but also because you have put things in order. It is actually very interesting.  You have a new relationship to time, which the Timekeeper has been speaking of for a while. However, it is much, much larger than just looking at your watch or planning your day according to what you call time.

12 Dimensions of Time
We see time in multiple dimensions. There are 12 dimensions of time that you are unaware of, but you actually only deal with two. Dear ones, pleaseunderstand you are only seeing a small portion of reality. If you open up all the channels and let the 12 dimensions of time be experienced simultaneously, you would literally be totally confused. We originally opened the door with one dimension of time, and it took you millions of years to get accustomed to that one. Now we have just released a second and you are wrestling with it. Why? Because you still hang onto the old one, which you think of your watch and we call your expression of linear time. Well, time is not linear, although you measure and see it that way. It is  actually 12 dimensions, not the five that you are accustomed to. What happens is that all of humanity experiences the collective level in which you live. Many times you are leading the way vibrationally, and you know that there are many other levels. Please do not think, dear ones, that one is better than the other. There are many levels of vibrational stature represented here. With all those levels in place, doors open because each one of those levels can reveal something a little bit differently than what you have been perceiving. Now that there is a new dimension of time on Earth, you can start to open this door and feel it.

The 5th Dimension: Connected to 5 of the 11 of You
The collective vibration has clearly stepped into the 5th dimension, which simply means that all of you are connected to five of the 11 of you. Yes, you are also divided into 12s. There is the higher self in the center surrounded by 11 different rays of who you are. We have spoken of this many times before but wish to take this a step further today because it is not just you, it is all of Earth. What is happening now is that everyone has anchored in this new level since passing through the portal of the 12-12-12. It completely pulled the security rug out from under you when you were moving through it. All of you thought you were going Home and everything was going to be easy, then suddenly you could not find anything that you were looking for. Well, now you have started to re-anchor in this new energy. The sun will complete its flip before long, allowing a new start to almost every day. That is the excitement that we ask you all to welcome into your world and to embrace at every moment. You understand that you see things as past, present and future in a linear timeline. We see these all together at once, as simply being. That is one of the secrets that all of you can start doing at this moment, for it is a very simple shift. Completely embrace the now and let it flourish through you, realizing that in just a moment it will be gone forever. You only have right now to feel this energy. If you feel it now, you can move to the next level. Will it be coming later? Yes, but it will not be the same. Every level is different, which is the beautiful part.

Shifting Dimensions Sideways
Now here is something rather interesting. You are one 11th or perhaps one 12th of all of your beings, even though you have connected to and share energy with five of those. That means the whole collective of the planet is now in the 5th dimension with those attributes, rather than those of the 3rd. However, it is not just happening to humans. The bees that you have mentioned on your planet, particularly the honey bees, are multidimensional in nature. It could be said that the walls between their dimensions is naturally thinner.   Now there are two things we wish to share with you. It is not just the honeybees we are talking about, but we will use that as the illustration. You have raised the collective vibration of humanity, and in doing so you have a higher view in which to see everything. Have you noticed that there are no more secrets on Earth? You are all becoming accustomed to this transparency which now exists. It is actually beautiful because it brings you to the essence of who you are, instead of what you are trying to tend to be. There are quite a few adjustments that must take place on Earth because you are used to holding secrets, and now they are all slowly disappearing in small increments. 

There are fewer secrets on the Earth today than there were before. Now, dear ones, please do not think you will ever go through a lifetime without telling a lie or holding a secret. That is not humanly possible, because you must hold a little bit of imperfection in order to even be on Earth. So, do not judge yourself if you have your own secrets that you have hidden from others. Just simply know that over time everything is being revealed, and with that you have capabilities of multidimensional. What would happen to you if you were talking to one of your friends, shaking his hand, and suddenly he disappeared? You would really be what the Keeper calls freaked out, I believe. Well, that would be very challenging for you because it would not fit into your understanding of the world or of physics. It would be very much out of the ordinary, but from our perspective it would simply mean that a person shifted their vibration sideways instead of up or down as you are used to. That little shift of energy sideways takes you into another dimension. There will be a time where you can leave this dimension to enter another dimension for a short time, and then come back. This is literally all brand new and has never before been possible in the Earth dimensions. Yes, of course there have been the masters that have walked on your planet understanding the deeper secrets, and have been able to do these things which you sometimes call miracles. We think that is amazing. From our perspective it is a simple shift, but it has not been available to humans because of your vibrational level. Now all of that has changed; you have changed your game. What a beautiful day it is! You have written new rules, thrown out the old ones and said, “Let us play a new game. It is time.”  Well, at least most of you said it. though others are still kicking and screaming. We know the Keeper does not like to give up things, for everything he has given up has deep scratch marks all over it. Well, that is just the way it is, but nonetheless you are all in this space now. What happens when you raise the vibrations? Let us take it from another aspect of what you call insects and bees.

Pollution: A Changing Relationship to Your Surroundings
What happens when all of humanity raises the vibration of Earth? What happens with the bees? Are they raising their vibration? How about your animals? What happens to all of your power connections and your totem animals? They become multidimensional in nature and much more sensitive, as are you. Most of you can now see very deeply into the hearts of others. Even a few months ago it was more difficult for all of you, for this is a collective movement of all of humanity not just Lightworkers. This re-balancing is affecting everyone on planet Earth and, quite honestly, it has really put a monkey wrench in things…we are trying new words. Did that one work? Well, we have never been to Earth so we have to make do with whatever is in his brain and it is really confusing—do not go there. But we are quite accustomed to who he is and we use what we can, so we are still trying on some of these expressions. We do not know how to bee. How is that one?  So, here you are and with your sensitivities. Have you noticed that almost all humans are more sensitive to pollutants than you were just a short time ago? Have you noticed that your allergies are starting to shift, especially here in this place where there are many different allergens? You will find a lot of things changing with your relationship to your surroundings, and that has to do with the new vibrational level you have reached. Congratulations! Now we will try to make you comfortable up here.

An Escape Route for Highly Sensitive Beings 
What happens to those who are super sensitive? Suddenly, they are being barraged with all these pollutants and things which most humans can tolerate easily by simply breathing through it and getting to fresh air. Suddenly these highly sensitive beings are having difficulty existing on your Earth, in part because of the way that you treat your Earth. Awareness is the key here, for you are creator beings; you can change this at any moment. All it takes is a personal commitment from each one of you. You are the creator beings that walk on Earth; you decide what is going to happen here. Did you know that? Well, your actions have brought a certain level of pollution on Earth, which is actually more than what you think. You call pollution little particles floating in your air, but we can actually show you how energy can be polluted and that has happened. You will all learn to clean it up because now you can see it. You could not see it before and simply tolerated it as a normal event. Many of you suffered from extreme allergies and went into a crisis within your own physical body, not knowing that this was the reaction you were having to your polluted energy. Some of you found answers, which allowed you to tolerate different parts of it. In the near future super high vibrational beings will be able to step out of one dimension for just a moment, and then come back when they can tolerate it. That is what we mean by someone who disappears while you are shaking their hand and that is also what is happening with the bees.

Just BEE
Please understand that the bees are part of your cycle. Einstein was not quite correct in his predictions. If the bees leave completely, the Earth will end in the cycle that it is in. It does not mean that you will be damaged. You understand that, do you not? You are all spirits pretending to be human. You are always safe on the spiritual level. You will be brought Home and will probably find another assignment, if that is the case. But in the meantime, you and the bees can start to work together in a whole new way and new energy that you can make safe here. Let us explain.

You have an energy field around you that most of you think extends about three feet around you, but it is actually larger than that. The first level of it is roughly about three feet around you. Knowing that you emanate vibrational patterns everywhere, we are going to ask you to start clearing your energy. Not just for your energy within your field, but take responsibility for what you see in front of you. It may be something as simple as picking up a piece of litter off the street, learning not to use pesticides in the way you have before, orbeing in harmony with your own energy. When that happens, it is the opportunity for those multidimensional beings who have stepped out to come back in and breathe again. The key will be if you see the bees. It’s very simple. They are the ones at this moment who are shifting the most. Humans have done it and though very few are at that level, it is only a matter of time now. You are in motion very rapidly at this point, for you have entered the new world. You are creating and anchoring it in the most beautiful ways, so we would like to teach you just to bee. That is the essence of it as has been spoken of many times before, because this is how you clear your energy. Why is the energy there? Because you have your projections. What is happening tomorrow, and what about these people over here? Oh, and the favorite one that was also mentioned today, what about my taxes? Yes, dear ones, that is a good one for everybody. What about paying my taxes? Really, now. Look at what you are doing. You are projecting things into your future, creating before you even get there. You will start to understand how to do the opposite very clearly, and suddenly a bee will fly by. It literally will come out of nowhere into your dimension, and hopefully many of them will start returning. For the next few years, this is going to be challenging for that species of beings. Bees will literally float in when they need protection, then they will disappear for a time. It may be very scary at a couple of points on Earth, but know that bees exist over here and can come back when we make it safe for them.

Bleedthrough from the Other Yous
Bees are a huge part of your life cycle. They are actually the most beautiful reflection of you, and they love the fact that you eat their honey. Bees think that is the most amazing thing, because in that way they can become part of you. It is so beautiful because it is exactly the opposite of what you do with the cows, is it not? You actually eat their bodies instead of only their by-products. Although it is totally different, the reality is that you can work in harmony in a new way. What is it going to mean? Does it mean you are going to have to learn to be with bees? No, of course not. These are simply one of the many aspects of multidimensionality which are starting to show up on Earth right now. The other aspect, which we have spoken of before, seems to be growing more intense. So we will simply remind you that the walls between the dimensional levels are thinning. What is taking place is very simple, for the emotional energies go through the wall first. Sure, you would like to receive ideas and thought patterns from some other parts of you that contain the perfection you believe you are missing. All in all you are perfect, but perfect people cannot exist on planet Earth. So you must divide your perfection into all 11 dimensions, which is what you have done. But that also means that some part of you actually holds what you think you are missing. Why are you feeling all these negative energies instead of getting the answers to your problems like you hope to do? It is only the beginning course. There is a wall right there, which is made of cinderblock and cement. 

If you were to take any wave form and send it through that wall, a very long, deep wave form would go through it. Whereas a very short, high-pitched wave form would be blocked by the wall. The same is true with your emotions through the individual areas. Because these walls are thinning, negative emotions tend to come through first. Please do not think that this is all negative; it is only the very beginning of your ability to sense things coming through these walls. Certainly you are feeling sad or the worst thing that can happen to a creator being, having self-doubt. That starts a negative cycle which is unbelievable from our perspective. We look at you on Earth and say, “Why are they doing that?” We cannot figure it out, yet you continue because it is part of the cycle you fall into. Dear ones, we are asking you to become aware. Look at yourselves, your thought patterns, and what you consciously create for yourselves on all these levels. When you feel these occasional negative energies coming through the side walls that you cannot always identify, we ask you to celebrate by saying, “I am hearing something for the first time. Yes, it is a little negative now but the good stuff will come later.” Understand where you are and that sometimes you take things so seriously—oh, there is a negative energy coming through the wall. That means that my life is about to take a negative turn.” Sometimes a cup of coffee is simply a cup of coffee. Other times you have to let go of your belief systems in order to make room for the truth. Welcome Home, dear ones. You are doing much better than you thought. You are starting to balance your energies in so many ways, and the wisdom of the ages is starting to come through all of you.

Celebrate and Emulate the Bees
Although there were several channels on the stage here today, re-member that all of you carry that energy. Every one of you receives inspiration from some place that you are not familiar with. Celebrate that and just bee; that is the essence for all of you this day. Take a moment…celebrate the bees, even if you do not like honey. Celebrate who they are. Bees are a life form supporting yours and part of you in every way. Pay even the slightest attention to cleaning up your energy and the bees will return to this dimension to see you through. 

It is with the greatest of honor that we ask all of you to treat each other with respect in this new world. Know that you are higher beings than you have ever been and we celebrate you from Home. We ask you to celebrate each other. 

The group

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