mandag 10. februar 2014

Breaking FREE: the call of destiny - By Lauren Gorgo On February 7, 2014

Vi jordes og vi jordes!   Vi avklarer vår utsikt / innsikt stadig vekk, og går dypere inn i denne overgangen.  De mest følsomme av oss har nok den hardeste tida nå, og noen strekker seg kanskje lengre enn skinnfellen rekker.  Vi går nå inn i en syklus av evolusjon,  der alt vil være mulig.  Dette er helt unikt i jorda's historie.

Holy crap..things are powerfully pressurized at the moment. And interestingly, I am hearing that this intensity is firing in two clear directions where some of you are experiencing enormous expansion and feelings of betterment, while others are still pretty pummelled by these new frequencies and feeling down in the dumps. Most of us I imagine, are somewhere in between on the blissed-out to bottoming-out spectrum.

Because of this, the Pleiadian High Council has asked that I address this pressure first and foremost to help alleviate any extra tension, depression, fear or anxiety that many are picking up on as these collective energies freely float around the ethers from all the explosions of new (solar) light.

First and foremost, because we are ever-so-slowly moving out of the transformation process, we are (for the most part) beginning to adopt a new detached mental outlook that is so much more helpful than in the past…that much should be clear. Yet, there are still those days/hours/minutes that are supremely challenging even if they are growing to be more sporadic. The pressure from this compounding change is also evident in our physical bodies, mostly in uncomfortable ways, tho it should be obvious that we are grounding deeper and deeper into our vessels and getting closer and closer to emergence.

What I am hearing over and again is that the reason that some of us (read: super sensitive souls) are having such a difficult time since the solstice cycle commenced is directly related to the new (higher) level of photonic frequencies…compliments of the solar maximum cycle/pole shift. This radiation of new light that we are absorbing is literally unlike any other encodement that has preceded it, and is therefore affecting us all in a myriad of fortunate, but challenging ways.

The council tells me that up until now there have been those who have achieved embodied enlightenment, certainly …. however, what they want us to understand is that the level to which we are able to attain biological & spiritual mastery now, is unparallelled…that in some cases, we are even moving beyond the level of mastery that many of us have attained during the time of Atlantis…which indeed was a very enlightened time.    forts.

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