mandag 10. februar 2014

ARCHANGEL GABRIEL 2014 - February 6, 2014

Og så kommer de nye oppfinnelsene og mye, mye mer!

Beloved Ones,

Let us have discourse on the quality of love called manifestation. This quality involves the application of several other qualities of love, namely trust, determination, diligence, discipline and faith. In its application, this quality of love requires a set intention (either consciously or subconsciously) that what one strongly desires to become a reality in one’s life will come into one’s reality in order that one may experience the outcome as envisioned. This is a facet of love that is now coming into its own and is in its beginning stages of application. This quality requires inner power and drive to accomplish successfully. It requires focus and singleness of purpose as an individual practices creation of that which is desired to be experienced in their lives.

As people on Earth continue to release fear and doubt within themselves, this quality within them will allow new and creative materializations to come into being. There are many new and wonderful innovative technologies that will be given to the world by individuals who desire to create beauty, health, joy and wellness within all individuals. As these ones experience success in fulfilling their visions, they will be inspired to create ever greater and more helpful tools with which to enhance the quality of life upon the Earth for all its life forms. This will become a labor of love for many more individuals in the near future and this activity is, of course, already taking place in the moment of now. The desire to be of service to one’s fellows will be the impetus that will see its fruition.

Within each individual life, this quality of love is at work constantly. Every circumstance in one’s immediate environment is created by using this facet of love. As each person desires to create an experience of a more abundant and prosperous existence, and takes time each day to visualize clearly what they want, the circumstances and synchronicities begin to occur in a way that will bring their hearts desire to them in seemingly miraculous ways. As more people begin to consciously experiment with their ability to manifest greater good in their everyday lives, this quality will be developed to a higher degree of mastery in its benevolent outcomes for each person and their loved ones, their neighbors and friends, and the collective of humanity.

This quality is a skill in which each person can become accomplished. As a person consciously practices their powers of creation in a way that is of benefit to them in their daily lives, it becomes an innate and integral part of their repertoire of talents and abilities and it is one that can be used over and over again to bring all the good that they desire into their daily experience. As each person experiences success in using and practicing this skill and gains more confidence, the possibilities become endless in what can be successfully accomplished. People use this quality to create a better world for all upon this planet and a greater sense and understanding of unity between each other is the manifested outcome.

As this quality of love is practiced with diligence and responsibility, the world moves into a higher vibratory quality which will enable humanity as a whole to become free of former limiting patterns that they found difficult to overcome. It becomes easier to walk one’s path upon the Earth in a more joyful, passionate and enthusiastic manner. As each person discovers this quality that has been latent within them and employs its magic, the age of illumined living becomes more firmly anchored and established in the lives of all.

May you manifest all the good that is waiting for you.

I AM Archangel Gabriel

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