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Accelerating the Process of Developing Intuition by Selacia

There is a natural longing within you to reconnect with your intuitive knowing. It is natural because being intuitive is a part of your Divine birthright. When you first come into human form, you are not yet conditioned by the world's fears and doubts of the unseen.  Therefore, in your first several years of life, you are much more connected to your natural intuitive abilities than you may be as an adult. You may sense your angelic guides and unseen spiritual teachers. You may even converse with them. You may see or hear beings that the adults around you cannot sense.

For a time in your early life, you may even have, recollections of your earlier experiences before incarnating this lifetime. These remembrances may include a knowing about your true spiritual nature, including your abilities to communicate telepathically with both seen and unseen beings.

Your body serves as an energetic record keeper of all your Earthly experiences. It remembers everything you have seen and experienced in human life. It has the memory of everything in your past, including your earliest connections with the unseen realms. Your body, for example, remembers the time you saw or conversed with an angelic being. It remembers the time you had a knowingness of your Higher Self. It remembers the wisdom and specific teachings your unseen spiritual guides have transmitted to you. It even remembers the feelings and aromas you experienced when you connected with the unseen realms. On a very deep level, it knows that you are a part of the Divine Creator.

When you desire to reconnect with your intuitive nature, it is useful to pay attention to your body and its wisdom. Your body, with its numerous senses, can communicate much about the unseen realms. It can alert you to the presence and messages of your guardian angels and other spiritual teachers. It can assist you in validating feelings and information. It can provide warning signals as you are about to take actions that are not in your highest good.

Each of you will experience intuitive knowing a bit differently. There is no wrong way to do it. Some of you are very visual. Your spiritual guides may speak to you through images you "see" with your mind's eye or through what seems like the imagination.

Asking Your Higher Self For A Symbol

You may be given symbols in this way that serve as triggers for accessing higher wisdom. Sometimes the symbols are designed as a sort of code to let you know your guides are nearby and accessible. You may wish to ask your guides for such a symbol that will help make their presence more real and tangible in everyday life. To ask for your own such personal symbol, simply center yourself and relax by closing your eyes and breathing in and out a few times. The more relaxed your body is when you make your connection, the easier it will be. Once you feel relaxed, imagine that a part of you becomes like a ball of golden light and gently travels high up above your space. From that higher perspective, take a few moments and silently ask your Higher Self to provide a symbol of its presence.

Trust the first image that comes into your mind or imagination. It may be a color or a shape. The important thing is to trust the very first symbol you are given. Take a few minutes to focus on the symbol, perhaps asking your Higher Self to elaborate with any additional information that would be helpful to you at that time. Then, express your gratitude to your Higher Self and feel its unconditional love for you before gently returning back to your body and normal consciousness. After you feel grounded back in your body, you may wish to record what you have experienced, either drawing the symbol or writing a word to remind you of the 
image or color.

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