mandag 15. september 2008

When Does the Spirit Enter the Body?

From The group v/Steve Rother

Dear ones, even after birth the soul can change. Actually, it happens all the time. A soul enters the body 27 months before the physical body is even formed. You sit on your mother or your father’s shoulder--your primary parental contract--for 27 months so you can see how everything is going to relate, and how your energies are going to work out together. Then you jump in and the last nine months you form a physical being. Is your spirit in that physical being? Yes, partially. But that little body, so very close to Home, simply cannot carry that much light. It takes time to adapt the physical body to be able to carry the energy from Home. Even with all the innocence you see in the baby, with all the beauty and the brightness, the spirit cannot fully attach for several years and filters in over a period of time. It is not actually until they start connecting with their own sexual energy that the physical being becomes a holder for all the spiritual energy it will hold during that lifetime. It is actually not until the beginning of puberty that the spirit fully enters the body. That is when you see the light of Home; that is why it carries the sexual energy from Home. It carries the excitement of life. That is when you start bringing people to you and start connecting in many different ways. That is when your friendships form that you carry the rest of your life. That is when your knowledge really begins to anchor in. These are the times you start evolving as a spirit pretending to be human.

This is a special time on Earth, dear ones. It has never happened before. You have already taken the Game far beyond the highest potential the you scripted for yourself in the very beginning. Soon you will pass another that was meant to end the Game and mark the very end. However, it is not an end but rather a birth of light in the physical body. Is it important for you to raise your vibration? Yes. We hope you also go out and play. We hope you skin your knees. We hope you have wrinkle lines from laughing so hard, because those are the human experiences you wanted to have. Even pain will be welcomed as a unique human experience. That is what brings Heaven to Earth.

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