mandag 15. september 2008

What Time Is it Now?

From The group v/Steve Rother

Let us give you some specific examples and ideas that might help you to do this. One of the most important pieces of your work in the time line is to realize that in the illusion of the time line of past present and future, only one of them is real.. The present is what we live in all the time; we are here in the present moment every second. That is all that exists for us, because there is no future for us. There is no past on which we are relying, that has made us who we are, and pointed us in the direction of our choosing. The reality is that now it is starting to move free form, and you are beginning to release those illusions. As you do, you can start releasing the past and the future and begin living in the present. It is the circular time that we live in, that which you actually live in as spirits, as souls. With that information come new concepts, so let us speak specifically about two which are very closely related.

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