mandag 8. september 2008

Nye undervisningsmetoder

By Shala Mata

I am continuously amazed at the threads of opportunity and integration of this light, weave through the most mundane tasks. During the writing of this article, I put in a load of sheets and towels in the laundry, as we have all done countless times. Every time the spin cycle would begin, the machine would go out of balance and stop. I would get up from my desk and re-arrange the load, close the door and go back to my desk. Minutes later the same thing would happen. I took clothes out thinking the load was too heavy – same thing. I couldn’t seem to find the right “balance” to allow the fast spinning needed to complete the wash cycle.

Finally, I removed the heaviest articles, took them outside, and with my hands wrung out the excess water. The tighter the twist to lighter they became. I decided to try the spin cycle one more time – I put them in the machine and waited for the outcome. The cycle began and finally the load was balanced just right to all the faster spinning to complete the cycle. Through the glass door, I could see the clothes spinning. The machine spins in one direction only; during the slow cycle, it is easy to see the direction. However, during the faster cycle it appeared as if the spin was in both directions at the same time – like to separate circles spinning into one.

I had to smile at the wisdom in such a simple task. This is a lovely metaphor for the coming month of September. As we integrate the waves of light there is an alchemical process that tunes our hearts to our own unique “harmonic signature” of light. We will have to adjust our “load” continuously over the coming weeks to allow the higher frequencies or “faster spin” to transmute the lower density “heavier” aspects of our fields. This holographic 5D light is an activation that provides a strengthening to our physical vessel, so we can hold higher and higher frequencies.

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