tirsdag 16. september 2008

Om å gi slipp energetisk

Crimson Circle.com

“What happens if I let go of my children energetically? What happens if I let go of my job? What happens if I let go of this old human condition that I’ve lived with so very long within myself?”

Excellent questions – what happens if you let go? Do you fall into an abyss? Do you become nothing? Or do you discover freedom?

For that I cannot answer the question for you. But I can empathize with the certain anxiety that you have, the reluctance, even the guilt you have about letting go of others. But let’s take a look at it this way. Energetically, so many of you have been very connected to your children and still are. What happens when you let go? Are you being an irresponsible parent? Are they going to stop living? Are they going to fall off the cliff because you’ve let them go? Absolutely not. You are granting them a divine freedom.

When you let them go, it liberates both of you, not just them. It liberates these old energy connections that you’ve had. Now you are free. Now you are sovereign and independent. Does it not make sense as a wise spiritual being that a new relationship can be created on a different level, a free level and a level that you can truly call love, not karma? Thank you.

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