mandag 8. september 2008

The Ascending Cosmic Pulse

By Shala Mata

August has been a profound “transformational” month. We surfed the waves of the 8:8:8 along with the celestial alignments that amplified the transmission of 5th dimensional “harmonic light.” Much has been written on what the evolutionary potential this holographic circular light is, and how it will continue to open. There is always a build-up of energy and anticipation as the linear date and time come near.

September will be a month of integrating and bridging the holographic waves of light streaming in our consciousness. Undifferentiated light is somewhat challenging to integrate, and can feel overwhelming. One of the antidotes to that is too be flexible with your beliefs and perspective on how you integrate higher light. A focus within our heart is an integral part of harmonizing or integrating these waves of light.

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