mandag 8. september 2008


By Daniella Garcia

There are so many of your scientists that study this human brain of yours that say you only use seven to ten percent of it. Why do you think that is? Could it be that there are other compartments in your brain that work in other dimensions? And, could this explain why some of these geniuses are so fast with their mathematical facts, or with their art, or with their music- that they tap in to these other areas of their brain in other dimensions in time and space that have yet to be discovered by human science?
We look at many of the so called illnesses on your planet now, such as the one called autism. This is such a multi-dimensional “dis-ease”, as you call it. We do not look at it as a disease, we look at it as a brilliant gift. And yes, in your world, these children may have hindrances, but, if you truly look beyond that you will see that they are pulling in so much information from other dimensions of time and space. They are pulling in love and pure light from other dimensions and they bring it here. For your planet they bring in this energy so that others may open up to it as well. They play such a pivotal role for your ascension process, as you call it now. And yet they are looked upon with so much dismay from many of you. To us, it’s just so sad because they are the ones who have truly opened up their human brains to this wonderful experience of a soul of the other dimensions of reality.

For the other dimensions are real dear ones. This is not something that you imagine; this is not something that you only dream about. This is truth. This is how you decided to set up this game of life and life experiences. This is what you have agreed upon and agreed with the Creator to do. To some of you, this is frightening, to others of you, it is most exciting. Do not be afraid of it. This is something deep within you that you have experienced many times over. There are those who are learning about this process. There are those who already see into the multi-dimensions, into the other realms.
There are your indigenous people, your earth people, as they are called, who already see into these other realms and have never, ever let go of this sight, for it has been passed on from generation to generation. Look at those who you call the Aborigines or those who you call the Native Americans. And look at the tribe people in other lands for with their harmonic practices; they have never lost their multi-dimensional sight. It is a beautiful gift, it is something to learn from. It is something to further develop and experience for it is a very useful tool. Do not be afraid of it Dear Ones. Welcome it. Play with it. Enjoy it. For that is why it was created in the first place.

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