mandag 8. september 2008

"Seed Fear"

Av Charmaine Lee

Fear can cloak the pain and hurt by suppressing the truth even more. Steve Rother and the group talk about Seed Fear. A seed implanted from many years ago. We don't all identify with the seed until it converts into an attachment to fear and repeats itself. Very powerful revelation when you strip away the cloaking practices. It invalidates your fear and illusion of who you are. Suppression or repression of fear stops you from feeling. You can change the internal and external dialog and claim your birth right, being human.

Regrettably, the cycles of illusion projects out like a movie as you go through the fears. The body acts upon whatever is triggered through cell memory. At a subconscious level this brings the beliefs and past memories to head. Subconsciously the pain has been under control as you may believe. A fixation of what everything should look like in your mind giving you the illusion that all is going well. The illusion grows through consistent justification of what you believe is the truth. Your feelings propel from within molding gratification to make you feel okay. This is a quick fix, but always temporary causing more reactions. The conscious mind continues to feed the subconscious mind and vice versa.

Although the pain does not decrease, the body finds instant gratification acting like a transfusion. It feeds upon external gratification giving you a feeling of satisfaction that you won't be hurt again. The pain is still felt throughout the body. The pain still triggers numerous memories that have not been healed or released from the body. It intensifies the cycles of illusion.

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