onsdag 27. mai 2015


"I, Lady Leto, address you with a love that is free of all illusion. I am joyous
that you have found your way here to participate in this process of releasing and
protecting yourself from illusion.

But, before you can do so, you must first understand what an illusion is.

An illusion is like a cocoon that you create around and within
yourself while you are growing your wings and learning how to fly."

"How do you create these illusions?

Some illusions were learned from your authority figures when you were a child and others you created yourself from your fear of the unknown. When you are in a situation that you are unsure you can face, you create an overlay of something that you believe is easier to deal with.

This process begins with insecurity in your ability to stand strong in any situation. You then 'desire' the situation to be a certain way, a way in which you feel more comfortable. Then that desire progresses into an 'expectation'. The expectation then directs your  'perception'."

~Excerpt from Thirty Veils of Illusion

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