onsdag 13. mars 2013

Kryon om det spesielle året 2013

Gå inn å se hva Kryon har å berette for det spesielle året 3013

Boulder, Colorado

January 13, 2013
This channelling is really meant to go with the one below, and is kind of a continuation of it. What are the tools we will need as the old souls that have helped to make this amazing transition into an era that no prophet said we would ever see? There are some unexpected things to know.   forts.

2013 - NOW WHAT?
Phoenix, Arizona

January 6, 2013  
Kryon tells us that this transition is significant. Not only that, but we are leaving old energy behind, and there are all kinds of things to think about in the process. Will there be issues we haven't thought of? How long will it take to see anything different? What is the time frame of all this? These are beginning explanations.  forts.

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