mandag 12. oktober 2015

Only Light - From Kryon Live Channel, “The Many ‘You’s'” - April 2006 in Manhattan, NY

Ønsker du å sende LYS til en situasjon, så er det ikke nødvendig at du ser for deg hele forbedringen - det ordner lyset sjøl.  Send LYS og ikke noe annet!

"When you send light, it is the same concept. We told you this before: You are not asked to send light with a bias. If you know something is happening, and you wish to send light there to help it, don’t send the solution! Don’t send what you want to happen. Just send light. Get used to understanding that light is all you have. It has “cosmic intelligence” that knows what to do. That’s what the lighthouse has. It doesn’t have an agenda. It only has light. It doesn’t broadcast something on the light. It only has light. It depends upon someone else “seeing” what it does. You send light to a place in the darkness, and whoever is there gets to see better. Do you understand? And when they see better with their free choice, they can choose things that you have helped illuminate with your light. That is the integrity of sending light, and it also applies to co-creation."

~ KRYON, through Lee Carroll

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