fredag 16. januar 2015

*SaLuSa 16 January 2015*

It has taken a long time to reach this point in your evolution, but we
observe a new energy rising that is taking hold on Earth that is bringing
co-operation and peace. After years of wars and confrontation, the new
energies are awakening people to the peaceful pursuit of ways to bring
about a harmonious co-existence between all people. Now when war threatens
there are still those that respond in a like way, yet at the same time
many, many more pursue peaceful solutions. We will certainly do what we can
to influence and aid those who seek peace and a total end to war and find a
peaceful solution. The voices of those who are tired of death and the waste
of your Earth’s resources through aggressive behaviour, are gaining power
and influence that will lead the way to peaceful co-operation and
statesmanship. It will take time to persuade some people that war only
benefits the few who have invested very heavily in it. However, time will
bring forth many truths and reveal those who are its beneficiaries.

On the one hand you are being assailed by the actions of a small minority
who are set on bringing terror to you, whilst those who champion the cause
of peace are working very hard to bring it about. There is of course karma
involved in all of these issues and it makes it difficult for you to
comprehend exactly what is taking place. Our presence will ensure that
matters do not get out of hand but as you must have realised for some time
now, the old energies have to be “removed” in one way or another. As you
must also know by now, fear is your greatest enemy and aids those who are
known as the dark Ones. They thrive on creating fear and without it they
would lose their power to block the Light. Their time is nearly up which is
why we frequently remind you of the need to keep your vibrations as high as
possible, and deny them every opportunity to fuel their needs.

Changes are all around you and not least of all those that relate to Mother
Earth. She is preparing for a great upliftment in her vibrations, and wide
ranging changes that are already become apparent to those who study such
subjects. Do not fear the outcome as unlike previous Ages when great
floods, fire or catastrophes have occurred at the end times, as you are to
experience a peaceful move into the New Age. It has been the intention of
the Spiritual Hierarchy to ensure that you complete the old Age with
success, and it has been largely down to your resilience and firm intent to
come through this period with your heads held high. You have of course
received every help and many souls from the higher dimensions have taken
part. When you consider how much support you have been given, you get an
idea of how important your evolution is viewed. Yet you will find it
difficult to fully comprehend your success, as it has reached much further
than you can imagine.

Your loved ones look on and are aware of how well you are doing, and there
will be great celebrations when your time is up and you meet again.
Naturally they keep up with your progress which they follow with keen
interest. So Dear Ones please bear in mind that not only are your family
and friends are aware of your progress, they often try to impress you with
their messages and console you when you are distressed. If not already
aware you will be surprised to find your loved ones quite fit and healthy
regardless of their condition when they passed over. Furthermore, they will
be very aware and as alert as they were when a lot younger. There is so
much to look forward to that you should have no need to concern yourselves
about those who have gone before. No one is looked upon as being superior
to another soul and wealth is no factor at all, as money has no place where
all needs are provided by the power of thought. It may also lift some
people up to know that even babies that have passed over grow up quite
quickly in Spirit, and most will meet you as adults. The power of thought
upon Earth is effective, but rarely acts as quickly as it does in the
higher vibrations.

If your progress had not been interfered with your evolution would have
advanced much more rapidly, and instead you have been denied such an
opportunity. However, once you are allowed to benefit from advances that
have been withheld from you and kept solely for the use of the Illuminati,
you will quickly make up for lost time. As we have previously mentioned,
the most spectacular changes will be when you benefit from free energy.
Your scientists already know many uses for it and machines and equipment
have already been designed and successfully tested. The future is waiting
for you and holds many surprises, all of which will enhance your quality of

So as you make your way through the last antics of the dark Ones, know that
in reality you do not have long to wait before wonderful changes start to
take place. For you no doubt it would be a relief to be able to live in
peace and prosper in a society based on love and sharing. It is coming but
first the dark Ones and their power bases and weapons of destruction must
be disabled and removed. Many advances have been kept secret at your
expense and new technologies are hidden from your eyes. For example there
are underground means of travel where speeds are reached of up to 700 miles
an hour, and they already cover a large area of the globe. These advances
will eventually benefit you all, and the future holds so many surprises
that at present you can only dream of them.

We will ensure that when the time is right you are made aware of the new
technologies, and they will be introduced to you. However, you will
understand that there are those who would wish to keep them for themselves,
and we have to first remove them so as to prevent interference with your
progress. All these things will take time, but at least you will be aware
as to what awaits you in the near future.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and so pleased that the time has arrived to
release information as to what the future holds for you. Keep strong in
your faith and know that we are with you. I leave you with our love and

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

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