tirsdag 16. august 2016

Matthew's Messages

Jeg anbefaler flest mulig å lese hva Matthew skriver om BREXIT m.m. Dette er interessant informasjon i denne tida, hvor vi får et innblikk i hvordan 'guttene' i den store verden snor og vender seg.  Av og til er det umulig å komme forbi 'garnet'.


"BREXIT is the most recent. Few individuals who voted to leave know of the Illuminati or the real purpose of the Union; what they knew is that benefits they had been led to believe they would derive had not materialized.  Few who voted to remain know of the Illuminati or what the Union really was about, but they were faring well or were leery about what would happen if the United Kingdom set out on its own. 

Few know that the outcome of BREXIT was more than the vote count—it was influenced by vibrations that are undergirding activities leading toward a world of peace, honest governance, justness, and a fair share of Earth’s abundance for all peoples.”    forts.    July 29, 2016


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