fredag 9. mars 2012

Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 03 / 09 / 12

"Power will be had by the people when everyone begins to come together under the new system. Rallying from the brink of financial disaster, humanity will rise to heights not seen on this planet since before your known recorded history. Everyone will be free from the shackles of financial hardship and be able to finally focus their attention on other areas of their lives. Continuing into the months ahead, humanity's newly accrued wealth will permit a blossoming of new projects and programs designed to restore your planet to her natural pristine beauty and perfect functioning. Under these new conditions, the collective vibration of humanity will soar, and this will forge your wings necessary for your ascension into the higher realms. This is the plan.
Some of you have voiced your confusion about why so much emphasis has been put on your new financial system if you are only months away from ascension into the higher realms anyway. You now understand this, as it is hoped that your collective vibration will spike when so much of your worries and hardships are lifted from your shoulders.

Your new system is now very close at hand. Many have dedicated much of themselves to the design of this new system, and many walls had to come down that were preventing its implementation. We ask you to show a little more patience as your new system is being rolled out, and we also ask you to demonstrate confidence in your new system to allow others who are not informed to follow your lead and support it. Your new system will be based on fairness and equality with each person throughout your world possessing an equal share in the collective wealth of your society. No one will be worth more than any other, and no one will face lack as a daily burden of their lives. 

Your new system is being prepped at this time for it’s unveiling, and its initiation will soon follow the media coverage of the many arrests of the members of your criminal Cabal. Much rides on these arrests, and upon witnessing them for yourself you will know that the time has come for the implementation of the many positive changes for your society."

Ascension Earth 2012: Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 3/1/12
As channeled through Greg Giles  -  Friday, March 9, 2012

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