søndag 4. mars 2012

Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 03 04 12

"The quest for 5D for those who wish to make this transition: Your world is currently experiencing a rising of your vibrational levels. These levels will increase for some time until you as a society begin to pierce the veil of the dimensional layers. The goal at this time is for your planet and her people to reach a vibrational level which will seat her within the 5th dimensional frequency range. Currently, your world rests within the 3rd dimensional frequency band, and we are here to assist you to raise her frequency accordingly. 

We are not here, as some of you erroneously believe, to carry out your ascension for you. We are only here to assist in your transition; that is all we are permitted to do. Ascension is a process that must be achieved by those who are ascending, and this is reasonable to understand. However, in this universe we of the light have many friends and allies and as such we come to the aid of all others of the light, and even of the dark, in their time of need.

What we are here in great numbers doing is clearing certain obstacles from your path that you, as a citizenry of a planet, may not be suitably equipped for. These tasks are quite involved and number greatly, but let us touch upon a few today to give you some idea of what we mean when we speak of tasks you are not properly equipped for. 

As is the case with many worlds we visit in offers of assistance, there exists a contingency of dark ones who wish to control the rest of the population. This scenario is certainly not unique to this planet, and due to this fact, we are quite prepared and very experienced to handle this sort of resistance. Due to our superior technological capabilities, we are also able to control any offenses by any hostile military forces of the dark and also remove them from areas where they will no longer be an obstacle for us or the people we are assisting. This is one of the areas we are currently involved in."

As channeled through Greg Giles

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