tirsdag 6. mars 2012

Kryon ~ "Reawakening Yourselves" ~

"Greetings dear ones, for I Am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

It’s wonderful for us in the spirit world to be back in Lithuania on this cold winter’s evening.

Dear ones, a new world is coming and the universe is moving into order; the planets, the stars and the solar system are moving to create new beginnings on this earth, completely changing the energies of the earth plane.

This will be a process, dear ones, this will be a process of learning, for those in power—not all of those in power—will have to let go of much of their power and much of their wealth. The energies of this planet and this world are changing, and for 15 years now, David has channeled the same message. You will stop creating through negative energies and create a new world out of pure love and there will be two shifts of energy.

The first shift in consciousness is from this third dimension to the fourth dimension, and the second shift is from the fourth to the fifth. Not only will human beings shift through this consciousness, but so will the earth plane, she will also ascend. You’re headed towards a completely new world, a beautiful, beautiful world of peace, love and harmony. There will be absolutely no room for war; there will be deep and intrinsic connections between human beings.

You are all healing and your world is changing. For those of you that are healers it is for you to claim your power; this is being supported by many different energies, and Kryon is the energy that is the umbrella for all these energies. Energies and entities of great wisdom, love and understanding are here to hold you in a space—not just for tonight, but forever—into a completely new world, a world of pure love.

There are seven billion on this planet, and there are so many people to be present with this ascension. In spirit world there are queues and queues of spirits waiting to come to this earth to be present as the earth plane evolves and moves to a new dimension, taking all populations with her to this new dimension. And this is happening now and your consciousness will be very different by the twenty-first of the twelfth, 2012. You will look back at this old world, and look over your shoulder, and you will see a crazy world that you are leaving behind, a world where everything is upside down, where nothing is the truth, and you will be moving into a new world of pure love and pure truth.

The new world will be a world led by the conscious; the old world is the world ruled by the unconscious. Your bankers, the hierarchy of this planet, and the monetary system, it’s already beginning to fail, this system will totally fail. And all the different hierarchies that are holding this system together will begin to collapse. You’re headed into a new world where you are whole and where you are complete, and where you are connected to the divine, both the Divine Father and the Divine Mother, and you will be free, free to live your life as you please, and allowing the love to constantly flow."

Kryon ~  "Reawakening Yourselves"  ~
Channelled through David Brown
2nd February 2012 : Kaunas, Lithuania

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