fredag 2. mars 2012

Greg Giles – Message From The Galactic Federation Of Light 1st March 2012

"There are many worlds where there exists intelligent life that make up the higher dimensional universe. Earth is a 3rd dimensional world, and it will soon be raised up into the higher realms along with her children to once again join her brothers and sisters of the higher dimensions. Your planet at one time was a higher dimensional world, but she fell down through the dimensions due to the actions of her children. She now wishes, as a conscious being, to ascend into her rightful place within the Heavenly Realms. It was her children that plunged her deep within the dimensional layers, and it is her children that will now assist her to reclaim her position within the higher realms.

How you will achieve this is through love. It was your collective decision to turn your backs on love that allowed your mother planet to begin her descent down through the vibrational layers, and it is love that will once again lift her up where she rightfully belongs. Your planet was once a jewel of the higher realms, rich in her majestic beauty and sparkling purity. Many of you still see the beauty that she possesses, but what you do not see is how beautiful she once was. You will again see this. This is the plan, and this is your purpose here.

Many tasks of this overall mission are being attended to each and every day with one goal in mind; to allow your planet to raise her frequency sufficiently to allow her to ascend up and out of the lower third dimension where she descended to. Each of you has been hand-picked to be here at this time, do not allow yourselves to believe otherwise, as many beings expressed a desire to journey here for this experience and an opportunity to experience what it is like to ride with a planet through ascension. Not everyone’s desire could be accommodated. You are one of the fortunate souls that were chosen to come here, and you were selected because there were those who believed you could get the job done. Many believed in you, and still believe in you today. We know that together you can get the job done, and together you will accomplish what you set out to do."

As channeled through Greg Giles

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