tirsdag 9. desember 2008

Trusting Yourself

Tobias sier: Now, all the voices and all of the memories come flooding back in reminding you of the times where you have screwed up, not just this lifetime but many. It says, “You’re going to trust who? You?! It’s easier to trust a guardian angel. It’s easier to trust Tobias. Anybody but you.” The true leap comes when you go beyond the concepts of life and death, success and failure, and absolutely trust yourself.

It’s one of the greatest challenges a human will ever face, but also the easiest, easiest challenge the human will ever face. You have to make the choice. Are you going to make it a difficult challenge or are you going to make it an easy one? Lack of trust is causing you great distress in your life right now. It’s taking your energy away. This thing called divine essence wants that trust, wants to be able to come into your life, wants to be a part of your life right now.

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