tirsdag 9. desember 2008

Games People Play - Be Original

Tobias: Next on the list. You say, “Tobias, how come it’s not working out? How come life sucks? How come I try and try and try and it never works out? How come I’ve done everything you’ve told us to do and my life is still a mess?” Well, a very easy reason – you’re not going to like me for this – you’re playing a game. You’re playing a game, that’s it. You love this game, I hate to say. You love this disaster plan. You love when things aren’t working out. You love to blame other people, and you really, really, really love to blame yourself.

Be Original
Being original means being original. Stop relying on what you’ve done in the past or what other people have done to create the template for your life. Original means new, never been done before. Original means coming from deep inside of you – your creativity, your uniqueness, your oneness with Self.

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