fredag 3. juli 2009

The Symphony of Strings

En tilblivelses-oversikt av det mest unike slaget - gå inn på adressen under og nyt resten i fred og ro
Consciously Creating

Now I will tell you of the string theory. I could suggest that you read the book I wrote fifteen years ago called The Genesis Matrix. Twenty years ago I suggested foreslo that the Creator’s Light thought it was the sole possession of love practiced by love. Then, some of those beautiful Creator particles aligned themselves and one particle bumped into another and they discovered love on a new level. While they were celebrating their new love, their connectedness, their togetherness, another particle bumped into still another and another, and each began to feel this love. My friends, that’s all there was at that time, particles stringing and stranding, moving in the dance of light, causing a symphonic awareness for the Creator’s experience.

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