mandag 5. november 2012


"Love is the teacher, love is the challenge, love is the point, love is what you are, love is what needs to be expressed. Love, my dear friends, is the point and the purpose of your journey in life, and that is it!"
Dr. Peebles

"The November "Seasons of the Soul" teaching by Dr. Peebles! Now on sale!
Excerpt (and, if you like this excerpt, you should hear what Dr. Peebles has to say in this teaching about working at McDonald's... :) ): 
When you think about it, my dear friends, the only existence that you experience is on the inside. It's happening inside of you. Happiness is in you, it is not exterior to you. Joy is in you, not external to you. Love is within you, not external, my dear friends. Love and appreciation of self is where it all begins: to thine own self be true.

Now, the way to understand this, in a very simple manner is to realize that you were not put upon the earth to do anything in particular. You were not put upon the earth to become something. You were not put upon the earth to create fabulous healing centers or to build skyscrapers or to send a man to the moon. You were not put upon the earth to be the president of the United States. You were not put upon the earth to do any thing in particular other than, my dear friends, to love and be loved; that is it! That is God's plan for everyone; to love and be loved. Not to attain, and to achieve, and accomplish, and have power. Not to be here upon the earth to manipulate, to, if you will, gather as much money as you possibly can in the coffers. It has nothing to do with those things, so stop putting the power in the external life. Those are just things that happen; stuff to do while you're loving the world and being loved by it! That is all that is, my dear friends!"

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