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19 September 2012 at Riga, Latvia "Message from Goddess Freya" Greetings dear ones, for I AM Kryon of Magnetic Service.

På veien til bevissthet er det mange feller og mye motstand ... 

Note to the reader:  Express the intent to be "in the NOW" at the channelling, and for your energy to be combined with the group that was present. 
Kryon ~ Channelled through David Brown

"It is wonderful again to be in Riga, in Latvia for there is much love and much change coming to this small Baltic country. In fact there is much love and much change coming to many, many places. The old powerful countries will do what they can to hang on their power but as the people learn the power and knowledge of the existence and relearn the secret mystery of the Holy Grail the world will once again begin to be free, and human beings will once again be free; free from a system that doesn’t work for anybody, even for those that seem to be winning with the system. Your essence is of love; the only thing that will make you feel whole and complete and happy is love, it’s becoming and being whole and complete. Knowing you’re on the journey to become whole and complete will make you content. Being whole and complete you are permanently content. When you are whole and complete the love is always flowing, your vibration goes higher and higher and you are moving to a space of expansion, into a place of love, and the joy and the freedom keep flowing.

So, once again we are back in Latvia, and this country is very close to the pagan gods. The last time the mighty Thor spoke, and this time you will speak with Freya, a Goddess. We are reintroducing you to your Gods. There are many more gods than just one, and there is a reason to have more than one God. Number one is that you are here to heal your entire family constellation. You are created in the image of the Divine. The Divine is both masculine and feminine, it’s both male and female. And there are many aspects to masculinity, to male, and there are many aspects to femininity or the female.

So we are going to introduce you to a feminine God – Goddess Freya, and she will explain to you about love and the free flow of love.

“Greetings dear ones for I AM Freya. I am a Goddess of Love and I will bring you love in a special, a flowing and loving, way. I am feminine, like a water in a river, and I have many different flows. I have many different aspects to myself, like a raindrop falling from the sky, like a little bubbling brook, or I could be like a mountain stream or a waterfall or I could be like the Daugava in Riga, moving slowly towards the ocean, with much power, much force but still in constant flow.

The new world is coming, dear ones and we, your true Gods, are returning. I am the one that will teach you to love. I am the one that will teach you about men. I am the one that will teach women to love men and men to love women; how to flow with the masculine, for love is feminine and this is the feminine flow. That’s why we started this channeling speaking of water and the different kinds of flow. Once the river gets close to the ocean, it’s a much slower flow. For there, you can save there the journey that you’ve come along. You can look backwards and see how far you have come. You can observe your trials and tribulations as you move slowly back to the oneness.

We are not here to speak bad things about other gods but you have been cheated. You have been cheated out of love. The empires in which you live don’t tolerate love. They hang it on a fishing line in front of you, tempting you with sexuality and beautiful objects, beautiful cars and beautiful homes. But love is only a reflection of these things. And love is a feeling; in its feminine form it is a feeling. Always feeling good... letting the love always flow. And, because you’ve been cheated out of love for so long, you have lost your way and lost your path, lost your footing. And things are like a figure of 8, turned upside down – nothing is as it seems. This earth plane is nothing that you think it is. Your consciousness is so low that you don’t understand love. You’ve been led by people that are greedy, and they don’t love either. They don’t know how to love. And so the first ones that learn to love will teach the others how to love. And this will be your job; most of you in this room will learn to love very quickly. You already have an inkling of how to love.

So, close your eyes and go inside. Love comes from the heart. Allow your hearts to open even more than they already are and let the love flow from your heart to everybody’s heart in the circle, and receive that love into your heart from all those that are around you. Love also has another flow – from Mother Earth through your bodies and back to Father Sky. And then there is another flow – from Father Sky through your crown chakra and all the other chakras into Mother Earth. And when you become very conscious these two flows begin to merge and to flow, and to create. And this is high consciousness. It’s very easy to block the flow of love. Love takes a lot of understanding. At the same time love is very simple – love is love. Love is a flow." forts.

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