mandag 5. november 2012

Montague Keen - November 4, 2012

Nå renskes det ut over en lav sko, i Jorda og i menneskenes Kropp. Det er tydelig, det er nødvendig og det er smertefullt til tider - fordi prosessen foregår i den fysiske kroppen.  Det ytre er bare en speiling av det indre, så den egentlige arenaen er i våre kropper.  Derfor florerer det med sykdommer og indre arbeid nå på slutten av dette året.   Det er aldri trivelig å være i ildlinjen, men igjennom det må vi.  Vi går veien fra Atlantis til Nå.

"My dear, what changes you are observing in this time of revelations. All will be exposed and removed so that only light remains. One thing I feel that I must point out is that those who refuse to accept the reality of the situation your world is in and close their eyes to everything around them, actually become accomplices of the dark. You must learn to embrace change, for nothing can go forward until you do. The Cabal is using every trick in its arsenal to fool you into accepting GM crops, vaccinations, the fluoride in your water supply, etc. NO is just a simple, two-letter word, but it is effective in refusing to be treated like sheep. When you come together and say an emphatic NO, they will not have a leg to stand on. Their game is up. You now see through it and your eyes are open. It is time to take back everything that is yours. 

It is good to see that so many are taking back their sovereignty. Soon, you will be able to get a Universal Birth Certificate. That will free you from all religious control. Then you will no longer be slaves. You will become free spirits having an experience on Planet Earth. Many of you are aware that you have a purpose. It is time to fulfill your purpose. You will be guided. It is all in your hands. Together, you have the power to change your world completely from dark to light. 

Many of you who were great in times past and achieved much, chose to return to Earth to be part of the Transition. You are all finding each other and working together. You are even recognising each other from past lives, in some cases, just as you and I did, my dear. The right people are now in place in many parts of your world. They are exposing the dark ones and all their sinister plans. As a result of this, children will live their lives in the future without fear of abuse from any quarter. This abuse has come from the top down. This is why it was not exposed, for the control the Police and the Press, and until now, they were not answerable to anyone. So for years the abused had no voice. 

All this is changing now. Brave people have come forward to reveal their truths. This exposure will shock many of you but the truth must be told. It is all part of the healing process. Some of you have come a long way and are eagerly wanting change now. Help others to get up to speed, for they are holding you back. 

The deliberate destruction of the ley lines in every country has kept you slaves in darkness. It is important to understand the great importance of the Energy Grid. It must be reinstated as soon as possible. It will make a tremendous difference to the energy of your world. They do not have any right to cover and destroy this grid. This is an extremely important part of the Transition. There are those who are equipped to carry out this work. It must be done. So help will be provided. You just need to ask. 

My goodness, what an exciting time to be on Earth. We can only watch and assist. My dear wife is doing much to expose and remove the Dark and the Corrupt. Her computer was hacked into on two occasions, which has caused her many problems. There are too many people working for the Light now for the Dark Ones to deal with all of them. This light is spreading far and wide, especially in that dear land of Ireland, where the Transition must begin. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose. It is just a question of facing the truth and being FEARLESS. 

Believe in yourselves. Take back your power. The so-called power structure that has kept you in slavery has no power over you without your acceptance of it. When you do your own research, it will all become as clear as a bell. You will wonder how you could have believed such blatant lies for so long. I remind you, once more, that "nothing is as it seems". The one hierarchy rules the whole world. It also believes it owns the world and everyone in it. Well, it will be interesting to see what happens when the penny drops and it is all exposed. Watch this space ! It will not be long. It is gathering pace. The corrupt have reached the heights, so they have a long way to fall; and fall they will, as it is time for new beginnings. 

Open your hearts and minds to the truth. It will set you free. 

My dear, you are tired. Do try to relax more. I know it is exciting to watch the dam burst and the truth flowing from all quarters. Our gratitude to all who share truth with others. This is a very important role to play. It is all coming together very nicely. 

My love surrounds you, my dear, and those who help you fulfil your role in these new beginnings." 

Always, your adoring Monty.

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