lørdag 1. august 2009

Kryon; Flyt - Flyt - Flyt

"You are being led into a world of change. But first of all the change must happen on the inside. Emotions create thoughts which create your reality. Thoughts create emotions which create your reality. Once again let the feelings come and let the feelings go. Let the love flow, let the love come and let the love go. As you let the love come and let it go then more can come and more can go and the love will expand in your body. For the journey of life is to be creating out of pure love and the new energy, that I as Kryon bring, is co-creation in pure love. You are creating consistently 24 hours a day and you are creating out of love and out of negative emotion at the same time. Allow the love to flow and drop deeper and deeper and deeper into your bodies and where you feel any pain in your bodies just place your awareness, or maybe any negative emotion. At the core of your pain or negative emotion you will find a wounded aspect of your inner child. Let the feelings come and let the feelings go."

"Think of a dream you wish to manifest and allow this new energy to flow into your dream, energizing your dream… whatever your dream is. Your dream and is only a dream because of fear… your dream would be manifest if it weren’t for fear, so allow this new energy to flow through the fear and allow it to release and dissolve the fear. Just be with yourselves in this moment… and feel what you feel."

"So feel the flow of love through your hearts without this stop/start energy… with this energy your healing will become so much easier… allow the love to flow."

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