fredag 27. april 2012

Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 4/26/12

We are the Galactic Federation of Light
As channeled through Greg Giles

Mennesket er et sammensatt vesen fra uendelig mange stjernesystemer.  Tenk for et vell av muligheter vi har ved å utforske alt som ligger gjemt der inne.  Mange ønsker å dra på den reisen via andre da de skyr sitt eget selskap, men det blir slett ikke det samme.  Les denne interessante beretningen fra galakterne og Greg Giles, og ikke glem at det ytre er illusjon - og det indre er også illusjon forsåvidt som det ikke eksisterer her. 

"One day we would like to furnish you with a list of all the worlds and the races of beings that are here in cooperation with you at this time. There are a multitude of different worlds here assisting you and watching over you, and we would like for you to have a better understanding of who these are and who you are. You are a mix of many different star races and star worlds throughout this universe. You are not just one people in the sense that you come from one place in the universe. You are one race, the human race, but your genes are a special mix of many races who have formed an alliance to better handle universal political issues and sovereignties throughout the many different star systems that possess intelligent life.  

It has been this way for many eons, where different beings from different parts of the universe have come together in peaceful cooperation to better themselves and the lives of others. This is the case here at this time on your planet, as many different races, worlds and star systems have combined their talents and their genes to create a race of beings who are a true representation of this great alliance of intelligent species. Each one of you is a cherished product of this great endeavor. Each one of you is loved, cared for and protected, as each one of you are a member of our family.  

Try to see yourselves as the pride of many star parents and allow this to allow you to better understand our mission and why we are here with you at this time. As we have maintained all along and will soon have the opportunity to prove to you, we are not here for selfish reasons or to manipulate you or use you or your planet for any selfish reasons. We are here as your family and as our family, we love and respect you and only act for your better welfare in every way."

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