onsdag 7. januar 2009

The Meaning of Change

Cosmic Connections

More information belonging to what we might consider the spiritual side of our being will be allowed to enter our consciousness in a more controlled manner. This is just the beginning of the changes in our bodies, which has already begun. When finished, we will be completely re-wired and ready for new accomplishments.

The ultimate goal is to trace our path through memory from the moment our souls were cast off from the Father. This remembrance brings great abilities. Our inheritance is to create as the Father has created and shepherd those creations! Each earth cycle has advanced some to this point. We call them Masters, since they have mastered time, space, and vibration.

Before they came into this lifetime, there was a commitment between a Mother and a Son to bring forth this information from the Akashic records when the time was right.

One is in the vibrational level of spirit, gathering the information, and one holds feet squarely in the denser levels of the earth, disseminating what is brought forth. It appears that perhaps we have done this many times before.

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