søndag 25. januar 2009


Let me speak now about the many aspects of what has been transpiring in Gaza. Even though your media have reported the grossly disproportionate Israeli retaliation for the missiles directed by Hamas into areas of Israel, Palestinian casualties are much higher than announced. As in any conflict, there are outspoken proponents and opponents of both sides: Israel’s right to defend its borders from the declared aim of Hamas to destroy its neighbor, and the Palestinians’ right to end the oppression that began with the formation of Israel.

It is not publicized that behind this conflict are the Zionists, one of many groups and organizations operating within the Illuminati forces, and their intention is to keep bloodshed, fear, hatred, retaliation, destruction and oppression active in that part of the Middle East. Zionists, who may be of Jewish or any other ethnicity, hold powerful government, military, banking, corporate, religious, media and educational positions around the world; and through coercion, bribery or blackmail get underlings to carry out their despicable schemes. The Zionist movement does not represent the Israeli peoples or Jews anywhere in the world, nevertheless it hides behind the façade of anti-Semitism. The same kinds of dark minds that initiated World War II and funded both the Allies and the Axis also formed the plan to create a new homeland for Jews liberated from Nazi concentration camps by displacing the established Palestinian population. And for the past sixty years, those kinds of minds have created foment through well-placed agitators and strategic incidents to create radical elements on both sides that are more willing to fight to the death than to seek the peace and harmony deeply desired by both peoples.

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